Atari enthusiasts: They're rebooting 'Pong' as a million dollar game show

Wait. Isn't live 'Pong' just called tennis?

It's one of the earliest video games ever invented, and now, thanks to heavy nostalgia and a sprinkle of reboot magic, the classic Atari game Pong is set to become a TV game show.

According to, the game show will be called Million Dollar Pong, and although there are no details released yet as to how game play will work, we can assume that means Pong fans could be positioned to win big money. So dust off your old Atari and get ready to scoff about any time your mom might've suggested you were wasting your life playing 2-D table tennis.

What we do know is that the game show will be produced by the same folks who've worked on iterations of shows like Hollywood Squares, The Gong Show and Love Connection, Scott Sternberg Productions. Atari is also on board, a true partner with producer Jeff Mirkin overseeing game play aspects that tie into the old-school video game company. 

As of now, Variety says there is no network attached, so we'll have to wait and see how the little game that many say launched the video game industry translates into a great game show with big-money prizes.

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