14 revealing and rollicking behind-the-scenes photos from The Andy Griffith Show

See Andy hanging with his costars, wife and manager on the set of Mayberry.

There's no doubt that the cast and crew of The Andy Griffith Show got along together like the best of family and friends. There's no faking the warmth and chemistry seen on the screen.

But just in case you need photo evidence, we have it.

These pictures show the folks of The Andy Griffith getting along as famously as shrimp and grits. We also get a glimpse of some rarely seen people from Andy's life, like his wife and manager. Let's take a look!

The Everett CollectionAndy kicks back with a little music - and his wife Barbara by his side.

The Everett CollectionAndy and Barbara Griffith sit on set.

The Everett CollectionAndy and his manager, Richard O. Linke, chat in the jailhouse set.

The Everett CollectionAndy was feeling blue with his musical choices this day.

The Everett CollectionYep, Andy sure liked to have his guitar nearby at all times.

The Everett CollectionRon Howard tries on the hat for size.

The Everett CollectionAndy gifts Ron a lift - literally.

The Everett CollectionRon and Don have a laugh in a squad car.

The Everett CollectionThe film crew records a scene with Andy and Barney.

The Everett CollectionAndy and Don hang out on the lot.

The Everett CollectionGomer gets under the hood.

AP PhotoRon Howard gets his goat.

AP PhotoRon kids around with Karl Swenson, who played Mr. McBeevee.

The Everett CollectionOooh! Now weren't those nice?

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Tennis 41 months ago
Actually (as a simple web search will show) - Andy Griffith made the set miserable for others. He was dreaded on the set for criticizing everyone’s performance and playing jokes on others at their expense.
shellymarie 41 months ago
love this channel. a lot of the shows i love come on so early in the morning i got my sleeping all mixed up. its like i am working graveyard shift. lol
Claire 41 months ago
Thanks 😊
I thought that pix was from the movie
Anonymous 41 months ago
The one picture, "Andy and Don hang out on the lot." Is indeed from 'No time for Sergeants"
Sooner 41 months ago
These were a great bunch of pix. But, no offense, Andy's wife . . .? Gulp.
RobertK 41 months ago
These photos are priceless. Thanks METV for posting them!
TheDavBow3 41 months ago
That one pic of Andy and Don look like it's from "No Time For Seargents". An awesome movie!!
MarthaWashington 41 months ago
I don't know if the misidentification of characters is an oversite or not knowing your topic. When die hard fans have to make corrections.
And why aren't off topic posts deleted, I don't care how to make money. This is not the place for it.
Deleted 41 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Muleskinner 41 months ago
Maybe you should pay for an ad.
thesmelt 41 months ago
Floyd the Barber-Great Guy on the show
babyhuey 41 months ago
Thats gomer NOT goober looking under the hood. How can u miss that?
FestusFan2312 41 months ago
Just because Don is wearing a uniform doesn’t make it Mayberry. Look at #10 and you plainly see that his is now in the Air Force. This is from No Time For Sergeants (1958), two years before TAGS premiered...”By dog I don’t think I’ll stand for it if someone calls me Airman”.
Also, on #11 it’s Gomer.
Judy FestusFan2312 41 months ago
You caught it. I sure didn't
That get up Andy has on gave it away right away, along with his curly hair, if you have seen No Time for Sergeants, you immediately recognize the outfits.
Pacificsun 41 months ago
You won't find a lot of series like TAGS (meaning classic TV) that will release truly candid (behind the scenes) photos. Most are always staged and controlled through the publicity department. But these photos are definitely fun and speak about the set in general!

Thanks for finding them!
Sophia 41 months ago
Andy is my favorite person except for Ernest T
JHP 41 months ago
My most fav character on TAGS - Mr McBeeve - good role and excellent versatile actor Karl Swenson
Deleted 41 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Muleskinner 41 months ago
Maybe you should pay to run an advertisement.
cperrynaples 41 months ago
Look at Andy's hair in picture 10! My first thought was "How did Lonesome Rhodes end up in Mayberry"...LOL!!!
justjeff 41 months ago
My sidebars about what some of you have already noticed...

"Andy was feeling blue with his musical choices this day." (Now MeTV is clairvoyant and can read past thoughts and moods of people fom over 50 years back...)

"Andy gifts Ron a lift - literally." (OK, Ron... this was a GIFT lift... write a "thank you" note...)

"Goober gets under the hood" Guess wha? It's GOMER! What's the matter, MeTV... are you suffering from a bad case of the "Pyles"?????
Rick justjeff 41 months ago
Yeah, it's Gomer, and the pic with Andy in coveralls is from "No Time for Sergeants!"
Pacificsun justjeff 41 months ago
If you don't enjoy the articles, the pictures or the captions ... why bother with it. Captions do annoy me. But why the way who cares about my opinion.

Just a thought ... 😉
Pacificsun Pacificsun 41 months ago
But by the way ... stupid lack of an edit feature!!
justjeff Pacificsun 41 months ago
Have you not noticed that many of us nitpick the typos and errors in fun just to share a laugh?

I *never* said I don't enjoy the articles, and I think you're [perhaps] taking my asides way too seriously. Kindly note I usually put a winking, tongue stuck out or laughing face icon next to my comments in order to denote that I'm just kidding around...
Bowlerdarin justjeff 41 months ago
Thanks for clarifying that you were just joking and having fun. When I 1st read your comment's I thought you had a wedge or something😃😛
justjeff Bowlerdarin 41 months ago
Most of the comments on the various pages are made in jest by the various contributors. It's so much fun to poke at the MeTV staff, because they post many articles without proofreading them for errors, omissions or typos.

If you were to see some of my other threads, I like to needle myself because I'm great at spelling, but lousy at typing (big hands; tight keys on the computer keyboard).

Many times I've caught a hastily typed goof of mine - then have to delete what I'd just written and correct myself. Occasionally, something slips by and I'm called out on that typo...

It saddens me that this world has become increasingly over-sensitive and we've lost the ability to laugh at good-natured ribbing...
Bowlerdarin justjeff 39 months ago
Yes it is sad how over sensitive people have gotten and you can't say anything without afending someone's feelings
Moriyah 41 months ago
I know they have one of these that have to do with GP, but they never added a tag that says "Behind-The-Scenes". Do you think that they should do that? Or do you think it should be left as it is? (Let me know, and maybe give me a reason why)
Moriyah Moriyah 41 months ago
Btw, if your wondering, here's the link, so you'll understand more of what I mean: https://www.metv.com/stories/behind-the-scenes-photos-from-gomer-pyle-usmc-television-show
Pacificsun Moriyah 41 months ago
Hey thanks Moriyah for the interesting link. It lead me down a rabbit hole of all kinds of interesting stories about other series that I love!

It was an interesting mix of candid shots and probably some for publicity as well. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. But I thought the picture of Gomer (out of character) sitting on the base of the gleg light, looking pretty tired, was authentic!!

Gomer Pyle was a class action series all the way! Completely holds up even today!
Moriyah Pacificsun 41 months ago
Yeah! Is there any reason why they didn't add the "Behind-The-Scenes" tag on that post? Because I think it needs it, and all the other ones have it as well.
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