Andy Griffith and Opie sell coffee in classic ads

It's National Coffee Day! So let's watch Andy Griffith pitch instant coffee in vintage commercials.

Today is National Coffee Day. For millions, coffee day is every day. Still, it's a holiday so let's celebrate the roasted bean.

The cast of Friends were hardly the first bunch of television characters to sit around sipping joe, nor were Ponch and Jon the first cops to enjoy a hot cup of java with their donuts. The Sheriff of Mayberry was also fond of coffee, albeit the instant variety. Andy Griffith turned Maxwell House pitchman in early 1960s commercials. Watch Opie impersonate a percolating kettle.

Andy could play a kettle, too.

And if you think young Ronnie Howard is a bit precious to handle all the caffeine, Andy worked decaf, too, selling Sanka. It was the coffee for the "modern bird." No, that's not slang. Andy suggests giving the brew to a parakeet.

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