ALF's coming back from Melmac! TV reboot puts Gordon Shumway in a new family

Series creators Tom Patchett and Paul Fusco are both onboard.

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The ending of ALF was more than a little distressing. It was a cliffhanger that left the series open-ended, with ALF cornered by the Alien Task Force. After that last episode "Consider Me Gone" aired in 1990, nobody knew the true conclusion to ALF's story. But now, that could all change, thanks to a TV reboot in the works from Warner Bros.

Yes, they're working on a reboot to bring ALF back, which means we finally have our answer to the question, "Did ALF make it back to Melmac?" Well, apparently he did, and series creators Tom Patchett and Paul Fusco are both onboard to prove it by bringing ALF back to Earth, where he finds himself part of a whole new family. (Hopefully one without a cat!)

So far that's all we know about the reboot. There's no network attached for now, and no release date in sight, but we'll keep you posted, because a chance to party with ALF only comes around every 30 years or so. Until then, we'll be listening closely to TV actors to try and make educated guesses on who will voice TV's favorite alien.

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MatthewBulfer 41 months ago
I would enjoy watching this. I thought Melmac exploded. We just watched the first episode and he stated that it exploded and picked a crumb off his chest and said that was part of the street.
Aaron 50 months ago
I wish MeTv would shuffle around some shows on BOUNCE instead of going over The Flintstones and MASH everynight with Trump.
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