About that one time Batman wore pink

Radioactivity caused a lot of superpowers — the Hulk's hulking, Spider-Man's spidering, and Daredevil's, er, hearing. Sometimes, however, a dose of radiation leads to less spectacular results. It might just turn your costume pink.

In "The Contaminated Cowl," episode 69 of Batman that first aired on January 4, 1967, the Mad Hatter is back in pursuit of his ultimate prize — Batman's mask. In the first season, Mad Hatter sought the cowl for his collection, his "thirteenth hat." He failed, naturally. A year later, he was back with a plan. Batman's head is spritzed with a radioactive spray! Which turns his cowl from blue to pink. You know, as nuclear decay often does.

It makes for one of the more memorable visuals in Batman lore. The look has become a cult favorite of Batphiles and collectors. A pink-topped Batman action figure was released. 

Cosplay master and sculptor Chuck Williams has hand-crafted a beautiful version of the cowl out of leather, fiberglass and fabric. If you have $800 to spare, head to Etsy and buy one. Someone forward the link to Mad Hatter.

Want to see more of Adam West pretty in pink? This most memorable episode of Batman airs this Saturday, August 15, at 7PM | 6C on MeTV. 

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