A dozen sitcom stars you totally forgot appeared in TV Westerns

Ward Cleaver once turned up as a one-armed man!

Some of our favorite sitcom stars got pulled into the drama of classic TV Westerns, but these appearances are rarely remembered in the midst of all the laughs they gave us over the years. If you ask us, it's a crying shame to overlook the versatility of these actors, who were just as good at swaggering into a scene as sheriff as they were at commanding an armchair as a sitcom dad.

Below, we've pulled together scenes where we saw TV icons don a cowboy hat to step into a more serious side of their talents in the television's Western frontier. From the glamorous Tina Louise as a cowgirl not afraid to get her hands dirty on Bonanza to Hugh Beaumont's mysterious appearance as a one-armed man on Wagon Train, these seasoned TV actors proved they were capable of pulling off plenty more characters than the friendly faces we know them best for playing.

What was the guest appearance on a TV Western that most surprised you?

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JQ 33 months ago
Would have been nice if whoever wrote the article had put exactly which shows and the dates when these actors appeared!!!!!
KevinButler 60 months ago
Hugh Beaumount was also on a episode of "The Lone Ranger".
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