5 must-see episodes on MeTV this week of September 18

This week brings sitcom vacations and a classic Hitchcock-meets-Roald-Dahl tale.

Summer may be over, but try telling that to classic sitcoms. It's still vacation season. This week on MeTV, you can see the Bradys travel to Hawaii, the Bayside High kids head to Palm Springs and the Douglas clan heads to Ireland. Elsewhere, we have the start of a legendary Western trek, a notable musical cameo and a great gangster tale. 

Let's get to the highlights!

My Three Sons "Dublin's Fair City" Parts 1 and 2
Tuesday 19, Wednesday 20 at 7:30AM | 6:30C

The Brady Bunch heads to Hawaii for a tiki curse earlier in the morning, but perhaps you have not seen this less tropical take on the sitcom vacation. The Douglas family visits its familial homeland, where Bub (William Frawley) introduces his relatives. This fifth season outing is also of note for Frawley's appearance itself. The veteran actor from I Love Lucy was near the end of his career here, and would step away from the show due to health reasons. This is one of his last handful of acting performances.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents "Man from the South"
Tuesday 19 at 1AM | 12C

A stone cold classic. Peter Lorre and Steve McQueen star in a twisted little tale from the mind of Roald Dahl. An older man named Carlos (Lorre) bets a cocky young man (McQueen) to see if he can strike his Zippo ten times in a row. If not, Carlos will cut off the gambler's little finger. Sound familiar? This suspenseful story was remade by Quentin Tarantino in the film Four Rooms.

Wagon Train "The Willy Moran Story"
Friday 22 at 4PM | 3C

In the charming Stephen King movie Stand By Me, Gordie famously notes, "Wagon Train's a really cool show, but did you notice they never get anywhere? They just keep wagon training." Well, Gordie, they may not have gotten anywhere, but they started somewhere. See how it all began in this first episode, which features Ernest Borgnine in a guest role.

The Beverly Hillbillies "Flatt, Clampett, and Scruggs"
Saturday 23 at 7:30AM | 6:30C

Guitarist Lester Flatt and banjo player Earl Scruggs were the bluegrass duo behind the sing-along theme song, "The Ballad of Jed Clampett." The musicians made a cameo in the show, too. Here they pop in to cheer up Granny.

The Untouchables "The Jake Lingle Killing"
Sunday 24 at 3AM | 2C

Jack Lord, the handsome star of Hawaii Five-O, guest stars in this earlier role. He plays a sort of bounty hunter who teams with Ness to hunt down the killer of a journalist caught up in a Chicago gang war. This third episode is a great jumping-on point for those who have not seen this wonderful series.

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Mike 14 months ago
In case this comes up again:
Take a good look at the dark-haired cutie who's looking at Steve McQueen and Peter Lorre.
That's Neile Adams - who was married to Steve McQueen when this was made.
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