5 must-see episodes on MeTV this week of June 13

Get a serving of 20th century American history with a heaping side of laughter in this week's highlights.

As we enter Father's Day week, we highlight some episodes that deal with American history — and a bit of television history. We begin with a double dip of Happy Days

Happy Days "Fonzie's Getting Married"

Tuesday at 9PM | 8C

Mr. Cunningham suspects that Fonzie's fiancée (played by Nellie Bellflower) is an exotic dancer. That plot is not as important as the production. This, the thirteenth episode of the second season, was the first Happy Days to be filmed before a live studio audience, as a test. The series would permanently switch to the three-camera, in-studio format in the third season, but it's interesting to see the actors feeding off the crowd's energy for the first time.

Happy Days "The Not Making of a President"
Thursday at 9PM | 8C

In this timely episode, Richie and Howard butt heads as the younger Cunningham supports Adlai Stevenson over Eisenhower in the upcoming presidential election. Unlike the above, the production is back in the more cinematic one-camera mode here, which gives the political angle greater realism. It's fun to just soak up the ephemera and atmosphere of the 1956 election.

Hogan's Heroes "D-Day at Stalag 13"
Thursday at 10PM | 9C

In this funny and frankly emotional episode, Hogan and his gang are shown to be significant players in real events of World War II. The prisoners use Klink's ineptitude to aide the Allies' invasion at Normandy. 

The Rifleman "Honest Abe"
Friday at 3:30PM | 2:30C

Royal Dano guests as "Abe Lincoln," or at least a man who believes himself to be the 16th President. It's savvy casting, as Dano was well known as a portrayer of Abraham Lincoln, having previously played the president on the series Omnibus in 1952–53. Dano would continue to act as the Great Emancipator, as he was personally selected by Walt Disney to voice the president in "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln." His voice would also be used in the Hall of Presidents.

Taxi "The Great Race"
Sunday at 12:30AM | 11:30PM

Alex and Louie, Hirsh and DeVito, go head to head to see who is the more lucrative taxi driver. It's a battle of philosophical approaches to earning cab fare. Seeing Louie out of the dispatch and behind the wheel is a great change of pace in this standout episode.

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