21 terrifying Easter Bunny pictures from back in the day

These Easter bunnies are unintentionally scary, but they'll still keep you up at night.

It was a tradition that took place every year when spring rolled around. Your parents would take you somewhere to partake in some Easter festivities — whether it was hunting for eggs or shopping for an outfit — and lo and behold, there would be an Easter bunny waiting for a photo. Despite your protests, your parents would force you to sit on its lap and take a picture.

Easter Bunnies have certainly come a long way since we were kids. Children today have no idea how disturbing some of these costumes were, and how we were scarred for life. Here are 21 reminders why kids today have it a lot easier. If we could brave a photo with these creatures, anything is possible.

1. The red eyes are very bunny-like. But the pink fur, not so much.

2. This baby doesn't seem phased that this bunny is going to snatch her up.

3. This kid perfectly embodies nervous laughter.

4. Unbeknownst to the girl, the Easter bunny is plotting something sinister.

5. This poor kid not only has to deal with a scary bunny, but also with an even scarier lamb.

6. The blank expression and dead eyes drown out this bunny's femininity.

7. We guess this bunny suffers from allergies, too.

8. Here's what Santa Claus does during his off season.

9. Is this a burglar, an Easter bunny or both?

10. Unlike the kids, this bunny is not happy to be there. It has a nice head of hair, though!

11. Most bunnies look like they're going to kidnap the children. This bunny actually went there.

12. This bunny is equally sad to be in this photo.

13. Even rabies didn't stop this boy's parents from forcing him to take a photo.

14. Sleeping on the job. Hopefully the boy didn't notice.

15. Taken from this angle, we're a little scared for the girl's safety.

16. Even the Great Depression forced the Easter Bunny to cut back on his wardrobe budget.

17. The baby just found out this Easter Bunny is a part of the mafia.

18. Half Easter Bunny, half Gremlin

19. This bunny is way too lifelike for these kids to handle.

20. This little girl doesn't know what's going on. Neither does the bunny.

21. And finally, if Chuck E. Cheese took a second job as the Easter Bunny.

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