14 refreshing vintage ads to get you through the dog days of summer

We're here to give you some mental relief from the heat!

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It's the end of July, which means the dog days of summer are upon us. Record heat blanketed the country over the weekend, and there's no end in sight.

We really need some relief. Whether it's frosty air conditioning blasting through the vents or an ice-cold sundae, cooling down is essential at this point of the season.

We're here to give you a mental relief. Here are 14 refreshingly nostalgic ads to take you back in time and cool you down. Enjoy!

1. Dairy Queen always had the perfect treats to cool down on a hot summer day. Cones, Blizzards, burgers and more - Dairy Queen was where it was at. 

2. If you didn't have a Dairy Queen in your area, surely there was a Tastee Freez.

3. The most refreshing beverage to help us cool down was a crisp 7UP.

4. Or if we were old enough, a beer. 

5. We hope Gene Kelly could grill just as good as he dances. 

6. Maybe Kelly used French's mustard too? 

7. Root Beer floats or Coke floats were basically essential. 

8. Or if we were feeling a little bit edgy, we would have 7UP floats.


9. Nothing tasted more like summer than fresh watermelon. 

10. Kool-Aid? Oh, yeaaah! 

11. These colorful candies always tied over our sweet tooth. 

12. The brighter the color, the tastier the soda! 

13. Sure, maybe Coke had a better reputation, but Pepsi deserves some love too. After all, it did keep us thinking young. 

14. Okay, we can't complete this post without another Dairy Queen ad. It was the highlight of our summers. 

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