The 10 best spoofs on 'Get Smart'

Would you believe these are the top parodies from the 1960s spy sitcom? We do.

Get Smart remains one of the funniest — and punniest — television shows in history. The Mel Brooks and Buck Henry creation lovingly lampooned the flourishing spy craze of the Sixties. That was abundantly clear in episode titles such as "Dr. Yes," "The Man from Y.E.N.T.A." and "The Impossible Mission." Yet the sitcom reached far beyond the cloak and dagger genre for its satire. Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 often found themselves in plots eerily familiar to classic westerns and novels. 

Having premiered on September 18, 1965, the series is celebrating its 50th anniversary. To celebrate the genius of Don Adams, Barbara Feldon, Mel Brooks, Buck Henry and the rest, we present our 10 favorite spoofs from Get Smart.

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