Can you answer real Jeopardy! questions about Looney Tunes cartoons?

Do you have a "Doc"-torate in classic cartoons?

Image: The Everett Collection

Jeopardy! lures a lot of smart people. Many of them probably have doctorates. Do you they know "What's up, Doc?"

We bet Toon In With Me fans can pass this quiz. 

If only all Jeopardy! questions were about cartoons!

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  1. LOONEY TUNES for $400 — In "Hare Tonic," he hopes to make wabbit stew fwom that twickster Bugs Bunny.
  2. LOONEY TUNES for $800 — In "Buccaneer Bunny," he calls himself the "blood-thirsiest, shoot-'em firstiest, doggone worstiest."
  3. LOONEY TUNES for $1,200 — An anvil, rocket skates & a do-it-yourself tornado kit are items Wile E. Coyote has bought from this corporation.
  4. LOONEY TUNES for $1,600 — In "The Cats Bah," he pops open a bottle of bubbly and is interviewed about the great love of his life.
  5. LOONEY TUNES for $2,000 — I say, he got above-the-title billing in the punningly named "Of Rice and Hen."
  6. WHAT A PIG! for $1,200 — Introduced in 1937, she's Looney Tunes' longest-lived lady.
  7. LOONEY TUNES for $600 — This "down under" creature whirls like a tornado and slices through trees like a rotary saw.
  8. LOONEY TUNES for $600 — He was a parody of a character on Fred Allen's show, Senator Claghorn.
  9. LOONEY TUNES for $800 — His business card says "Genius."
  10. LOONEY TUNES for $1000 — The genie in 1948's "A Lad in His Lamp" was voiced by this man, pre-Magoo.
  11. BUGS BUNNY for $1,600 — Bugs Bunny officially debuted in the 1940 cartoon "A Wild" this.
  12. BUGS BUNNY for $800 — He voiced Bugs in almost 200 cartoons over a 50-year period
  13. SEEING RED for $1,000 — Bugs Bunny's standard insult that fits the category.
  14. RANDOM STUFF from $600 — Daffy Duck, a fox from Disney in 1973, and Kevin Costner have all played this role from folklore.
  15. OSCAR-NOMINATED WARNER BROS. CARTOONS for $800 — "Swooner Crooner", starring th-th-this character as th-the supervisor of an egg factory.

Can you answer real Jeopardy! questions about Looney Tunes cartoons?

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Mercer4life49 2 months ago
15/15 Nice work. You deserve a trophy!
frances3agape 8 months ago
14 of 15
Missed No. 11 - thought it was a trick question; picked RIDE
Would have been ashamed of myself if I had less than 13 correct
MC1707 8 months ago
Got ‘em all. Growing up with them helped in this one.
mnkyboy57 8 months ago
I still watch these cartoons at almost 60 years old! I love them!
WilliamJorns 8 months ago
15/15. But then, clues to the correct answers are in each question.
justjeff 8 months ago
March 23, 2023 - I just took this old quiz and scored a perfect 15/15... th-th-th-that's all, folks!
NEPatriot 14 months ago
15/15...spent a long time in my life watching these 'toons...still do!
TonyaSpivey 19 months ago
15/15 Nice work. You deserve a trophy.
vapor2122 20 months ago
Lol they are fast , I did not know they filmed the curator bits so fresh . It’s the Tuesday after the Oscar’s and they do a bit with a computer called the me
Man ,,, and it told bill to “keep its name out of his mouth “ or is this just some bazaar coincidence.
DerekBird 29 months ago
You got 15 out of 15
Nice work! You deserve a trophy!
Dario 29 months ago
A PERFECT 15!!!!! 👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍 😀😀😀😀😀
JC 31 months ago
You got 14 out of 15
Nice work! You deserve a trophy
LalaLucy 32 months ago
This one was so simple. Hardly had to think about any of them. I guess that shows how much I've watched these cartoons over the years. 🙂
Chakkuri 32 months ago
15/15. I watched WAY too much tv as a kid.
HalnLG 32 months ago
Please just show cartoons instead of the stupid Curator and the stupid puppet fish. I mute the TV whenever they are on.
beatleger HalnLG 32 months ago
i agree 100%, just show the cartoons
plucky 33 months ago
I am sure the card read Super Genius ???
Robertp 33 months ago
Perfect score, but I think almost everyone received a great score.
marmetv20 33 months ago
15/15 nice work. I deserve a trophy!
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