You're quick-witted if you can get 8/10 on this 'Hogan's Heroes' quiz

No 'Hogan's Heroes' fan can truly claim, "I know nothing!"

Hogan's Heroes was a gutsy sitcom that ran for six seasons of antics as American prisoners of war followed Colonel Robert E. Hogan's lead through endless schemes in the name of international espionage. It won Emmy Awards, was nominated for even more, and ranked among Nielsen's Top 10 shows in the year it premiered.

As audiences followed along with these indeed very special operations, critical acclaim grew for the show's snappy writing and spectacular cinematography, as well as for performances by stars like Bob Crane.

Did you follow along through all six seasons of Hogan's Heroes? Then the time has come to match wits with one of your favorite shows. Take the quiz below and see if you're as quick-witted as the show's daring airmen.

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  1. Where did 'Hogan's Heroes' take place?
  2. Where did the five main Allied heroes bunk up?
  3. What season did it nearly always seem to be on 'Hogan's Heroes'?
  4. Could Sergeant Hans Schultz be bribed to help the prisoners?
  5. What made the pilot episode so different?
  6. Where was the radio antenna hidden that the soldiers used to make fake broadcasts?
  7. Which of these is NOT the name of one of Klink's secretaries?
  8. Which of these served as trapdoors to get to the underground tunnels?
  9. Which 'Hogan's Heroes' star won two Emmy Awards for his role?
  10. In what year did 'Hogan's Heroes' premiere?

You're quick-witted if you can get 8/10 on this 'Hogan's Heroes' quiz

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Snickers 27 months ago
10/10. Unlike Schultz I know something.
DerekBird 28 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
You're as clever as Colonel Hogan himself!
Mukusthebadd1 39 months ago
I gave up after the 'fake broadcast' question.
Stupid questioneers!
Snickers Mukusthebadd1 27 months ago
For one the flagpole was used to radio London when they needed supplies and to contact the underground not only for sending fake messages.
Jada 39 months ago
9 out of 10. I didn't know the answer to #2.
JoeGuenther 39 months ago
It was a simple quiz. Funny show but the continuity errors were many.
How many times could they blow up the entrance under the bunk bed but have the entrance back the next episode. In some episodes one of heroes would be MIA for a whole episode with no explanation.
TijuanaSlim JoeGuenther 28 months ago
I forget where I found it but there is a list out there of the episodes in "Chronological Order" (based on references to the state of the war, and call backs to previous episodes) about the only time two episodes that aired back to back occurred back to back is the two-parters

as to missing crewmen (aside from Baker replacing Kinch in season 6 without comment, Carter has a few random episodes where he's gone and Father Mulcahy from Mash essentially acts as his stand in*... who else missed an episode?
* my head canon is that while "the Five" do most of the work on screen, the team actually functions like the IMF from Mission Impossible and Hogan like Briggs/Phelps picks the 'best men' for each job every time ... How many times do they refer to off screen missions.. (heck S3E24, What Time does the Balloon go up gives the team all the lines, but Off screen Hogan is working with Other Prisoners to fabricate the 'stove' to power the Balloon, and presumably one of them made the 'OSHA compliant' Basket ... and then there was S3E10 One in Every Crowd where a Traitor offers to sell out the operation and Newkirk cites his use on a couple of missions (this was the Actor's only appearance on the show) to confirm Hogan's fear said Traitor knows literally everything
Snickers TijuanaSlim 27 months ago
Richard Dawson was also MIA in a few episodes.
ndebrabant 39 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
You're as clever as Colonel Hogan himself!
Brad 45 months ago
I got them all right. No surprise, I've seen every episode multiple times.
Brad Brad 45 months ago
Oh I'm only 40 and probably haven't watched more than 10 episodes in the past 10 years
DerekBird Brad 28 months ago
I not only have seen each episode multiple times but I own individual seasons, own the complete series box set and I still watch the shgow every night on MeTV.
I am turning 57 next Saturday.
Hawkeye21 45 months ago
I’m as clever as Col Hogan and 4x his junior
TexasGreek 49 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
You're as clever as Colonel Hogan himself!

Loved this show!
WILD 52 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
You're as clever as Colonel Hogan himself!
joed2849 52 months ago
Question 6 disappeared on me because of a pop-up!!!
Rickey 53 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
You're as clever as Colonel Hogan himself!
blantm 62 months ago
How about talking about the characters that were played by Jews. Klink, Schultz, Burkhalter and Halcsteter.
TVJunkie 62 months ago
7/10. I know nothing, NOTHING !
JoeGuenther TVJunkie 39 months ago
How many times did Shultz forget his rifle only to have a character hero or otherwise hand it to him saving the scene so the director wouldn't have to stop taping.
LarryAJacobsen JoeGuenther 28 months ago
Did anyone else notice that Schultz's rifle was a Krag-Jorgenson?
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