Who's your TV wife?

Does your spouse have some 'splaining to do?

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. It's the time of year when we reflect on the special people in our lives and tell them how much they actually mean to us.

Here at MeTV, we have a question. Who's your TV wife? 

Are you married to someone who gets into plenty of shenanigans like Lucy Ricardo? Or is your wife secretly a witch like Samantha Stephens? (We're just kidding!)

We bet we can guess which TV wife is most like your significant other. Want to know? Take the quiz and find out!
  1. What would you give to your significant other?
  2. Choose a candy heart.
  3. Pick a honeymoon destination.
  4. Pick a chocolate.
  5. Which word best describes your love life?
  6. Pick an emoji.
  7. Pick a dog.
  8. Pick a color of the rainbow.
  9. Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

Who's your TV wife?

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