Who sang these songs about September?

Do you remember… all these songs about September?

Something about September has inspired dozens of songs. Many lament the end of summer, some look forward to a changing season, some just use it as a catchy rhyme. Whatever the reason, artists of all kinds have written songs about the first month of fall from rock bands to jazz crooners.

Here are some classic September tunes. Can you remember who sang each song?

  1. Who sang “September” which specifically mentioned the 21st?
  2. Who released “The September of My Years”?
  3. “Maybe September” is a song by...
  4. Who sang “September Morn”?
  5. The Bangles covered “September Gurls” but it was originally recorded by which band?
  6. Who wrote and recorded “It Might as Well Rain Until September”?
  7. “Wake Me Up When September Ends” is by which band?
  8. Who recorded the bittersweet tune “September When It Comes”?
  9. Who released the 1965 track “One September Day”?
  10. Who sang “September When I First Met You”?
  11. Who recorded “Blue September”?
  12. A standard since the 1930s, the most popular recording of “September in the Rain” was done in 1961 by...

Who sang these songs about September?

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JimmyD 18 months ago
9/12, I guessed all but two.
sputnik_57 18 months ago
6/12 I flunked this one! My favorite "September" song is "Try to Remember" the Andy Williams version but September is not in the title.
Shatner1 18 months ago
9/12---An amazing guessing quiz for me!
JHP 18 months ago
Nina Simone ?!?!!?


nice quiz to have green day and tony bennett as possible answers
DanDolgin 18 months ago
6/12, got 50%. I never heard of most of the others. They did not include "See you in September" by The Happenings. That one I knew for sure.
I'm very surprised they didn't list that song
bukhrn 18 months ago
3/12, and those 3 were the wildest of guesses
Wendy57 18 months ago
Oh oh, couldn’t remember that September. :(
HoosierKid 18 months ago
9 outta 12
They left out the September Rain song by Chad and Jeremy!
Beatseeker HoosierKid 16 months ago
was that "summer song?"
SashaPayneDiaz 18 months ago
9/12.......with A LOT of lucky guesses.
cperrynaples 18 months ago
One more song I thought of is September Song, which is sorta of a sad ballad! The best version was done by Jimmy Durante! He may have not been a great singer, but he was old enough to understand the meaning of the lyrics!
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