Who is your favorite Motown artist?

Who do you love from that Motown sound?

Whether you're listening in Hi-Definition or Lo-Definition, Motown fits no definition. The label and everything it inspired changed music forever. 

You know the stories, you've seen the musicals, you've watched the TV specials. By now, the scandals, the stories, and the intrigue are almost as infamous as the music itself. 

All we want to know is which musical artist from Motown was your favorite. Choose yours, and be sure to share any feelings and memories in the comments section below!

  1. You can only pick one! Tell us... Who is your #1 Motown artist?

Who is your favorite Motown artist?

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trogg888 4 hours ago
The four tops had Levi stubbs for their lead singer one of the best vocalists of all time all though Marvin was a really close second and wrote some brilliant songs
Coldnorth 5 days ago
What about Aretha Franklin
Lucyc Coldnorth 5 days ago
Believe it or not, I don't think that the late Ms. Franklin recorded for Motown
I believe her record label was Atlantic.
Coldnorth Lucyc 2 days ago
You learn something new every day. Wasn’t she called the queen of motown
trogg888 Coldnorth 4 hours ago
Nope.queen of soul
BradBeall 10 days ago
Boys II Men?!? I always thought they were a Disney creation.
Geronimo 14 days ago
Who is your favorite Motown artist?
100% similar
100% similar to the most popular responses
Tresix 16 days ago
I picked The Temptations; 70% similar. Surprised they’re only second to The Supremes. Thought Marvin Gaye would have been higher.
Jaxter14 Tresix 15 days ago
It was between The Temptations and the Four Tops and went with Temps and thought the Tops would have been higher. Back about 1998 there was a great tv movie about The Temptations, it comes around every now and then on the cable channels.
Tresix Jaxter14 14 days ago
Usually on VH-1.
retro6 20 days ago
20% that was hard to decide but had to go with my peers J5
bmoore4026 22 days ago
100% similar! My Supremes! My queens!
Bapa1 23 days ago
Where's Bongo Dan, The Bongo Man? (actual Motown artist).
Wendy57 23 days ago
How come Al Green didn’t even make the list ? He was a MoTown artist too right, or am I wrong ?????
Bapa1 Wendy57 23 days ago
Al green was great, but he recorded for a label called 'Hi'.
Wendy57 Bapa1 23 days ago
I did not know that.
We were in the Nashville area on vacation once and looked up the church where he preached. If it had been a Sunday, I would’ve loved to have attended.
justjeff Bapa1 1 day ago
He also had a moderate "first hit" called "Back Up Train" on the Hot Line label before signing with Hi...
trogg888 Wendy57 4 hours ago
Al is from memphis
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