Which TV show perfectly matches your personality?

Do you belong on a tall stool at the Cheers bar, in deep space on the Enterprise, or a different show entirely? Find out now!

The best TV influences our lives, making us want to be as thoughtfully wise as Andy Griffith or as blindly ambitious as Lucy.
That's the feeling we're hoping to explore in this quiz. 

If you could pop up as a character on any classic TV show, where would you most belong?

Take the quiz and find out! Depending on your answers, you could become a welcome guest in the Beverly Hillbillies' mansion or the Brady's family home. 

There are thirty possible outcomes. Careful how you answer. You might end up… in The Twilight Zone. Tell us where you belong.
  1. Where would you choose to live if you could live anywhere?
  2. Who is absolutely your top priority?
  3. Pick a snack while you watch TV:
  4. Which drink do you like most?
  5. Which do you like more, cats or dogs?
  6. What scares you?
  7. Which Happy Days character do you relate to most?
  8. If you had a catchphrase, which would it be?
  9. How do you like your humor?
  10. Pick a weather forecast for your day:
  11. Which Muppet do you like the most?
  12. Pick a way to meet your special someone:
  13. Who are you closest to?
  14. Which genre of TV do you love most?
  15. Pick a seat to watch TV:

Which TV show perfectly matches your personality?

Your Result...

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DerekBird 28 months ago
You belong in the world of The Andy Griffith Show
Gaw-lee, you're so pure, you almost out-Mayberry Mayberry! Your answers show that you're a thoughtful problem-solver whose advice everybody trusts. There's no doubt you belong on The Andy Griffith Show.
idkwut2use 28 months ago
You belong in the world of The Rifleman

Go pack a bag, we've got a ranch to sell you in the New Mexico Territory. We have a feeling if you showed up on The Rifleman, a tough, noble leader of your calibre would receive a warm welcome - after you take care of the town bad guy, of course.
Becca_Rose 28 months ago
Bonanza ❤️ I was in love with Hoss!
DouglasMorris 57 months ago
I got: The Andy Griffith Show! of course.
ndebrabant 64 months ago

You belong in the world of JAG
Your straight-laced instincts and boundless self-confidence have landed you on JAG, because let's face it, you tend to make all the right choices and are the best at basically everything you do.

I've never seen it.
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