Which thing turns 50 in 2018?

An assortment of stuff that will make you say, "Can you believe it's been 50 years?"

Image: Classic Film / Flickr (adapted)

The world may have felt a lot different back in 1968, but for people paying attention to pop culture, some things never change. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

We've been thinking a lot about the things that have the staying power to outlast trends, fads and fickle tastes. Below, we present an assortment of just such stuff, from snack foods we still love to TV shows still love seeing on air. 

Think you can detect which thing turns 50 this year? Only the most attentive eye can make the right choice, every time. Good luck!

  1. Which popular fast food item turns 50 in 2018?
  2. Which new concept officially entered the dictionary in 1968?
  3. Which hit detective show turns 50 in 2018?
  4. Which popular toy car debuted in 1968?
  5. Which hit talk show turns 50 years old in 2018?
  6. Which popular snack food hit the shelves in 1968?
  7. Which gang of TV do-gooders turns 50 in 2018?
  8. Which eye-catching object first appeared in 1968?
  9. Which hit police drama turns 50 in 2018?
  10. Which popular restaurant chain turns 50 in 2018?

Which thing turns 50 in 2018?

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