Which show solved it: Columbo or Diagnosis Murder?

See if you can detect the difference between these murder cases.

Both Columbo and Diagnosis Murder's Dr. Mark Sloan solved murder mysteries, but are you secure enough in your TV detective skills to figure out which cases belong to which sleuth?

Here, we've pulled episode titles referring to murders that occurred on both shows. Try to diagnose the right show for each one. Good luck!
  1. Murder Can Be Contagious
  2. Blueprint for Murder
  3. Old Fashioned Murder
  4. Murder Most Vial
  5. Murder at BBQ Bob’s
  6. Murder in Malibu
  7. Murder Can Be Hazardous to Your Health
  8. Murder at the Telethon
  9. Left-Handed Murder
  10. Murder, Smoke and Shadows
  11. How to Murder Your Lawyer
  12. The Bye-Bye Sky High I.Q. Murder Case
  13. Murder by the Book

Which show solved it: Columbo or Diagnosis Murder?

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Mukusthebadd1 35 months ago
Accidentally picked a couple wrong shows by sliding my screen. Not your fault.
DouglasMorris 35 months ago
9/13! missed #3,#7,#9 and #13.
DIGGER1 35 months ago

You got 12 out of 13
Way to diagnose those murders!
I would have gotten all thirteen right, except that I missed QUESTION #6. I said that it was "BOTH", but the right answer was simply "COLUMBO".
teire 35 months ago
After the first few, resorted to the eenie-meenie method, with about the results I’d expect!
UTZAAKE teire 35 months ago
Good for you Stephanie. I thought I would recognize the Columbo titles and thereby sort out the Diagnosis Murder ones, never realized how interchangeable they might be. I thought this was a good quiz on MeTV's part.
Thanks teire! The only way I thought I could even do remotely well, was if I had the mindset of does this "sound like" the Good Doctor, or the Basset Hound owning/loving detective? I would take the title, and try to decipher which one would have been on the case.
I agree with you about the titles being interchangeable. I said the same thing over on animal name quiz page. In the photo w/animal montage, when I saw the fish I thought the answer was going to be Barney Miller. {Detective Fish.} Unless you see something side by side, you just don't know about some things.
Yes, it was a good quiz on METV's part. but I want to say that they did a similar type of quiz, not all that long ago. But I could be wrong!
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