Which of these things from the 1980s must go?

It's hard to pick just one!

It was the decades of John Hughes, Madonna and Michael Jackson. 

We all have different opinions about the rad trends and wacky style of the 1980s. Let's see how different they really are. 

We'll present three choices of related topics, and you have to pick which one you like the least.
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Which of these things from the 1980s must go?

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JimMartin 27 months ago
For the Madonna question, can “all the above” be an option?
idkwut2use 37 months ago
69% similar.

1) Slap bracelets, even though they are awesome. Just slightly less so than legwarmers and jellies.
2) Come on Eileen
3) Top Gun, I guess
4) Sweet Child o' Mine (love it, but... Well, Livin' On a Prayer is the best anyways.)
5) Cabbage Patch Kids. (Or Care Bears)
6) Knight Rider, I suppose. Or A-Team. Keep Miami Vice.
7) Ferris Buellerrrrr...but it's between that & Sixteen Candles
8) Like a Virgin
9) Billie Jean...or Beat It...they're both great, but it just can't be Thriller
10) Blanche; I love all four but she's the most annoying generally
Tim 37 months ago
Sadly, no option for getting rid of all the Golden Girls.
DeborahRoberts 37 months ago
You can take the hideous toys, the ghastly "fashion," and even Sophia. But leave the films and the music alone.
Runeshaper 55 months ago
46% similar
46% similar to the most popular responses

It's always tough to let 80s stuff go LOL
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