Which of these episodes from The Twilight Zone kept you up at night?

The Twilight Zone is full of twists, but which twist scared you more?

Since The Twilight Zone premiered in 1959, some of its viewers have been left with nightmares. The plot twists had fans on the edge of their seats since the beginning...and don't even get us started on the episode "The Eye of the Beholder." 

We've collected some of the scariest monsters and people to enter The Twilight Zone, can you recall which scared you most? See what other MeTV fans picked in this episode showdown from The Twilight Zone.

  1. Which one of these Twilight Zone classics scared you the most?
  2. Which one of these Twilight Zone titles were you more creeped out by?
  3. Which of these two episodes of The Twilight Zone kept you up at night?
  4. If you had to choose just one of these iconic Twilight Zone episodes, what would it be?
  5. Pick The Twilight Zone episode most likely to give you nightmares:
  6. Pick the episode you would recommend to a friend who likes all things spooky:
  7. Which of these two Twilight Zone classics scares you the most?
  8. Choose the Twilight Zone episode you like the best:
  9. Pick one of these Twilight Zone episodes as your favorite:
  10. Which of these Twilight Zone episodes do you find the spookiest?

Which of these episodes from The Twilight Zone kept you up at night?

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grandpa5741 11 months ago
80% similar, scariest episode for me was the walk to my rear bedroom after watching these in the front room on a creaky wooden floor. Why do we like to be scared?
I asked my Psychic and she said she knew I was going to ask this, man is she good.
Kaydee 11 months ago
80% "The Hitch-Hiker" "The Living Doll" and "The Invaders" creeped me out. Agnes Moorehead was Spectacular in "The Invaders"
Irish 11 months ago
To this day, I cannot watch Nightmare At 20,000 Feet!!
WayneKeith 11 months ago
50%. It's too hard to remember most of these just by the title of a single still picture. I'm sure the results would be much different if I actually watched both together and then answered for each question.
Kergooliewyn 11 months ago
70% similar. Some were creepier. Some I just liked better.
CreatureFeatureFan 11 months ago
100% similar
Twilight Zone is a perennial favorite for a reason: generally, people have a common "ick" factor.
Anonymous 11 months ago
I have a feeling a lot of people have never seen "Five Characters in search of an Exit.' Which is why it is not leading. It was the first episode I ever saw and it perfectly encapsulates what the Twilight Zone is all about. Literally one of the best episodes ever!
CharleneFrench 11 months ago
50% similar. Unlike most people, I was never freaked out by “Living Doll” or “To Serve Man.” They were well written epiaodes to be sure and I enjoy watching them but neither really scared me. “The Masks” and “The Howling Man” had much more of an effect on me. And “22” was the creepiest of all. I like a more subtle theme.
BorisK 11 months ago
'Night Call' is one of the best TZ's. Stephen King obviously lifted the theme for 'Mr. Harrigan's Phone' which does also happen to be quite good.
JKMallaber 11 months ago
Actually, the one that kept me up was the 80s reboot where the Government killed that kid because he was too smart for society. Still freaks me out today and I haven't seen it in years!
Greg 11 months ago
The Howling Man is by far the scariest and one of the best episodes.
Mac2Nite 11 months ago
80% similar... sounds about right 😉
LalaLucy 11 months ago
90 percent. Highest I have ever gotten. Nice to be in good company. I love TZ in general but count many of these as favorites. 🙂
RandyJepsen 11 months ago
THE HOWLING MAN is my favorite followed by WHEN THE SKY WAS OPENED.
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