Which of these classic TV series came first?

Guess the earliest show in these related trios!


You can catch lightning in a bottle more than once. Take the list of names below, for example. These legendary television creators came up with a handful of hits.

You might know the shows — but do you know which one came first?

Try to guess the earliest creation from these fertile writers and producers.

  1. Roy Huggins created all of these shows. Which one came first?
  2. Paul Henning created all of these sitcoms. Which one came first?
  3. Norman Lear broke new ground with these sitcoms. Which one came first?
  4. Susan Harris created these three comedies. Which one came first?
  5. Donald P. Bellisario co-created Magnum, P.I. He also created these action hours. Which came first?
  6. Irwin Allen was a master of Sixties sci-fi. Which of his series came first?
  7. Sherwood Schwartz created these unique sitcoms. Which came first?
  8. Garry Marshall created these hit sitcoms. Which one came first?
  9. Gene Roddenberry created these shows. Which one came first?
  10. Superproducer Aaron Spelling was behind these iconic shows. Which came first?
  11. Richard Levinson and William Link teamed for these crime series. Which came first?
  12. Stephen J. Cannell was the man of action behind these shows. Which came first?
  13. Edward Hume developed these shows for producer Quinn Martin. Which one came first?
  14. Larry Cohen created these diverse series. Which one came first?

Which of these classic TV series came first?

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VaughnBaskin 37 months ago
Hey MeTV, you forgot about Peter Engel, Sid & Marty Krofft, Tex Avery, Joseph Ruby & Kenneth Spears, and of course William Hanna & Joseph Barbera.
Tammy 37 months ago
You got 10 out of 14
You deserve your own director's chair! Nice work!
Diz 50 months ago
12/14. The only two I had to guess I guessed wrong. Anyone else remember "Eye Guess" hosted by Bill Cullen?
denny 50 months ago
14/14 14 and 9 total guess, wasn't sure on 6, voyage or lost but guessed correct.
scp 50 months ago
12 out of 14. Didn't realize one of the shows had started in the 1960's.
GregLemieux 50 months ago
14/14. Had to really think most of them through.
dbulvony 50 months ago
Nice to see the shows on ME.
Lacey 50 months ago
13/14 I really thought Columbo was earlier than Mannix. I thought Columbo was a pilot movie in 1968 and thought Mannix was 1969. Oh well. Got all the rest right mainly because I remembered what show ran the pilot episode for the other.
frenchman71 50 months ago
I got 13/14. I missed #14. I don't remember Coronet Blue but I remember Branded and the Invaders
Lacey frenchman71 50 months ago
I never saw the show but I dd watch and loved the opening. The song was great.
TheDavBow3 50 months ago
I would really like to see the show, "The Lieutenant". Never seen an episode. It stars 2 of my favorites, Robert Vaughn and Gary Lockwood.
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