Which Green Acres character best matches your personality?

Are you an Oliver, a Lisa or maybe an Eb?


The wacky 1960s series Green Acres was chock-full of various personalities. There was Oliver Wendell Douglas who just wanted to live a simple life in the country away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. There was Lisa, Oliver’s wife, who missed the city dearly but made do in the small town of Hooterville.

Don’t forget the townsfolk, from swindling Mr. Haney to earnest store owner Sam Drucker.

All the characters were a little far-fetched, but some attributes hit close to home! Answer these ten questions and we’ll tell you which Green Acres character you are.

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  1. Where would you most like to live?
  2. What’s your ideal meal?
  3. How would you react to a major life change?
  4. You find something priced way lower than it should be. You…
  5. How would you decorate your house?
  6. A few friends want to stay with you last minute. What would you say?
  7. How do you view chores and other mundane tasks?
  8. You’re stuck inside on a rainy day. What do you do?
  9. Which animal would you most like to have as a pet?
  10. What’s your favorite color?

Which Green Acres character best matches your personality?

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ironman2000 6 months ago
I'm Oliver Wendell Douglas. I should be, we share the same Birthday.
Snickers 23 months ago
I'm Eb Dawson, sounds about right.
DerekBird 37 months ago
You are Lisa Douglas!
You prefer the finer things in life, nothing wrong with that!
No, I'm not, I'm a good cook.
MsTerry 49 months ago
Ok, I got Sam Drucker, interesting
James9 49 months ago
I got Sam Drucker ! I'm good with that !
Tammy 49 months ago
You are Sam Drucker!
You're down to earth and honest.
MrHaney 50 months ago
Sam Drucker....the quiz got it right this time!
hermanstein2015 50 months ago
You are Eb Dawson!
You're very easy going. You take life as it comes.
I live in the south in East Tennessee and I love every minute of it. Beautiful scenery!
lmahabhashyam 50 months ago
I was raised on Long Island , only went south to help when my mom was sick, met my husband his work is here in the south, but I’d go home in a New York second given the chance.
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