Which movie grossed more at the box office?

We're talking big bucks here.

A film doesn't have to make a ton of money to have a legacy equivalent to the biggest blockbusters. To prove that point, we'll give you two or more well-known films, and you'll have to guess which one grossed more money. Remember, just because one film is more fondly remembered, doesn't mean it did that well in theaters. 

For this quiz, we're using the total domestic gross for each movie according to Box Office Mojo. Good luck!
  1. Both of these movies involve aviation, but they're very different. Which one earned more?
  2. Out of the original trilogy, the first film grossed the most. Which sequel came in second?
  3. Which John Hughes movies performed the best at the box office?
  4. Which Steven Spielberg blockbuster came out on top?
  5. Both of these horror films came out 40 years ago. Which one ruled the box office in 1976?
  6. Both of these films spawned TV shows. Which one had the biggest domestic gross?
  7. Dolly Parton was great in these two films, but which one made more money?
  8. Alfred Hitchcock scared audiences with these thrillers, but which one grossed more?
  9. Which tough guy won the box office battle?
  10. Which 'Star Trek' film featuring the original cast made the most money? (6 options)

Which movie grossed more at the box office?

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Snickers 31 months ago
Blew that one big time only 4 out of 10.
dethLSMO89 48 months ago
Yes, looked it up on Google and according to them Psycho is the biggest grossing Alfred Hitchcock movie just like I thought. Not sure where this quiz got its information from.
Snickers dethLSMO89 31 months ago
I would have thought Psycho would have made more that's why I picked it.
dethLSMO89 48 months ago
Got the Alfred Hitchcock question wrong but not sure I agree with the answer. I m a huge fan of his and according 2 some of the reading I've done "that is when he came into the money" was after the release of Psycho. Also, instead of taking a salary when making Psycho, he took 60 percent of the gross profit as his salary. To me, that would say that Psycho would b his highest grossing film.
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