Which classic movies turn 40 in 2019?

Do you remember what movies you saw four decades ago?

No matter what kind of cinema you're into, 1979 had something for you. So many of the releases from that year went down in history as some of the best films in their respective genre. So it's no wonder we're still watching them four decades later. 

With 2019 just around the corner, let's see if you can tell which classic flicks are celebrating their 40th birthdays this year.
  1. Which alien tale was released in 1979?
  2. Which adventure movie was released in 1979?
  3. Which quirky classic was released in 1979?
  4. Which comedy came out in 1979?
  5. Which crime flick came to theaters in 1979?
  6. Which horror movie was released in 1979?
  7. What about these action movies?
  8. Which classic comedy hit theaters in 1979?
  9. Which one of these was released in 1979?
  10. Which sci-fi flick hit theaters in 1979?

Which classic movies turn 40 in 2019?

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Geronimo 65 months ago
Tough quiz.............................8/10
AChromeBird 65 months ago
Hey MeTV: Since when is 40 "over the hill"? Seriously?
jeopardyhead 65 months ago
I got 10/10. Not surprising for someone who was watching Sneak Previews almost every week at the time.
Dario 65 months ago
A PERFECT 10!!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍 😀😀😀😀😀
teire 65 months ago
8/10, these anniversary/birthday quizzes are tricky.
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