Which Brady lady got caught up in these antics?

Try not to get them all mixed up; we all know Jan would be mortified!


We know the story of the lovely lady, bring up three very lovely girls. All of them had hair of gold — like their mother — and the youngest one had curls.

Between the crushes, the sneaky secrets, and the very attempts to mature as quickly as possible, the Brady sisters found a way into the hearts of families all over the world. Marcia, the eldest and most determined to become a pinnacle of grace and intelligence; Jan, the middle girl doing her best to stand out from a gaggle of siblings; and Cindy, the youngest and most curious to see what all the fuss surrounding growing up is about.

Three very independent young ladies, with very different agendas, and we're curious to see if you remember just who got up to what in the house.

Can you determine which of these three ladies got up to these antics? Test your Brady brains and see if you can tell! Good luck!

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  1. Which Brady lady was hit in the nose with a football right before a big date?
  2. Which Brady lady develops a bad habit of being a tattletale?
  3. Which Brady lady needs glasses, but doesn't want to wear them because she doesn't like how they looK?
  4. Which Brady lady has a tendency to snoop and read her sister's diary?
  5. Which Brady lady ends up needing braces?
  6. Which Brady lady tries to do a nice thing by nominating Mike for "Father of the Year," only to be grounded for breaking her curfew?
  7. Which Brady lady does NOT get a job at the ice cream parlor?
  8. Which Brady lady mistakenly wins an essay contest, and must choose whether to accept the award to admit to the mistake?
  9. Which Brady lady tries to earn an invitation to a wedding by beating a seesaw world record?
  10. Which Brady lady develops a crush on the family dentist?
  11. Which Brady lady receives mysterious locket in the mail, and tries to hunt down the sender?
  12. Which Brady lady buys a black wig to upgrade her look when she doesn't receive a birthday invitation?
  13. Which Brady lady gets cast as Juliet in the school play, and develops an overinflated ego from it?

Which Brady lady got caught up in these antics?

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AnnaRentzVandenhazel 26 months ago
Jan didn't receive a birthday invitation? I apparently missed something in that episode about the wig, she was talking about being "the hit of Lucy's party" so why would she say that if she hadn't been invited? I'm pretty sure she didn't "crash" the psrty.
The invitation was intended for Jan, but incorrectly addressed to Marcia. That's how it all began.
rayma 36 months ago
I Watched the Brady bunch all the time 😁 I love the Brady bunch ❤️❤️❤️❤️
JohnnyBravo1955 54 months ago
When Marcia started becoming a jerk to her siblings because of her getting cast as Juliet, Greg called her a "small blonde Frankenstein".
BrianMoore 56 months ago
9 out of 13. Not a Brady expert but a Brady Sister Buddy
STTOS 56 months ago
You got 13 out of 13 - You could be the Brady sisters' best friend! Nice job! Don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing to get 13/13!! :)
NoahBody 56 months ago
13/13 no problem for a Brady expert !!!
ELEANOR 56 months ago
So what is this about a Brady lady? Going for a rhyme scheme DOES NOT excuse being inaccurate!!
RobCertSDSCascap ELEANOR 56 months ago
Lovely girls becoming young ladies.
Mke 56 months ago
Lucky me,,,I didn't get any, and I actually tried,,
DIGGER1 56 months ago
Which Brady lady got caught up in these antics?
You got 12 out of 13
You could be the Brady sisters' best friend! Nice job!
DouglasMorris 56 months ago
11/13! missed numbers 6 and 7.
AllisonWunderland 56 months ago
Got 13/13 in just over 13 seconds 😂😂
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