Where did these classic TV shows take place?

Try not to get lost in television.

Mayberry, Stalag 13, the Ponderosa — all settings for classic television shows. But do you know where to find those places on a map?

Your task is simple. Match the TV show to the location. Don't get lost!
  1. The Andy Griffith Show took place in Mayberry, which was in Griffith's home state of…?
  2. You want to go where everybody knows your name… but in what city would you find Cheers?
  3. 'M*A*S*H' was set during wartime in what Asian country?
  4. Perry Mason was an ace attorney working in what city?
  5. 'Hogan's Heroes' was set in Stalag 13, a WWII prison camp located in what country?
  6. On 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' you could watch Mary toss her hat in the air in what Midwestern city?
  7. The Odd Couple were unlikely roommates in what big city?
  8. The Douglas clan on 'My Three Sons' lived in what state?
  9. The girls of 'The Facts of Life' boarded at the Eastland School in what state?
  10. On 'The Rifleman,' where did Lucas McCain and his son live?
  11. The Ponderosa ranch of 'Bonanza' sat in which state?
  12. Matlock practiced law in what city?
  13. Gomer Pyle was stationed in Camp Henderson, which was in what state?
  14. The town of Raytown in 'Mama's Family' is located in what state?
  15. The Western 'Trackdown' was set in what state?
Where did these classic TV shows take place?

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