What's the creepiest Twilight Zone episode?

Vote for your frightening favorite!

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You're traveling through another dimension — a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's a signpost up ahead: your next stop: a poll about The Twilight Zone!

We're interested in what you think. Here's what we'd like to know: What is, in your humble opinion, the creepiest episode in the show's original run? Was there one episode that gave you the heebie-jeebies more than the others? Give it a vote!

Here's the thing: We can only display so many episodes. So we've collected Twilight Zone stories frequently cited as "the scariest." If we've missed yours, don't fret. Just include it in a comment down below to see how many like-minded viewers agree!

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  1. Which of these episodes was the creepiest?

What's the creepiest Twilight Zone episode?

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Deleted 15 days ago
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texasluva 3 days ago
Those were because of the times. Governments from around the world banned some of the best movies for years because certain things. Sometimes change is needed and runs it course until new laws are made. The movie industry makes movies to make money. Sometimes this irks others. War, Spy and others make them look bad. Remember the guy from Iran who wrote a book and they a death bounty on his head. One just recently was stabbed half to death on stage. Hopefully people can change their differences and understandings.
MrsPhilHarris 3 days ago
Prior to the code things were pretty loose. After the code some films had to have scenes reshot because a dress was too see through, the couple kissed too long, etc.
texasluva 1 day ago
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MrsPhilHarris 1 day ago
Great music and wonderful trailers! I even tuned into the Columbo episodes. Love what he did with laundry bluing. 😁 I am saving FredFlix and WML for late. Thanks!
Deleted 16 days ago
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MrsPhilHarris 8 days ago
Jesuit priests.
texasluva 8 days ago
I really never understood many things in the church. Like Sainthood and such. I know they have to be deemed by The Church to become one. Things that bothered and I assume others. Like St. Joan of Arc. Wasn't she executed by the Church or for the Church. Yet 500 years later made her a Saint. Why wouldn't they know she was a Saint in the first place? Didn't God tell them or they just go on whatever their thought process was? Seems to me if not a pipeline to any God what would one know? I know that some of the times of Popes in the past were not the best in History. One could tell the truth and be sent for trial or like
Galileo sent to home confinement. No one told the Church that Earth is not the center of the Universe nor our own solar system. We know this. Or even the fact there were other planets and stars by the trillions. Whom told whom about what was rather then speculation at best back then? Just confusion as to the many religions on our planet. Maybe faith has what is needed in one owns mind. Things to ponder for sure. I am going to go back and finish that movie since I was hunting at the time for others. Someone had posted a list of IMDb on the Canadian movies. I have yet to gone through them all. When I got to Black Robe it seemed to be a good one. That was maybe 10% down the listings. I will be DL it for sure. Thanks for your input.
MrsPhilHarris 8 days ago
It does seem some religions feel they are the end all. I find it interesting that Popesused to be allowed to marry but the Church was worried about the money going to the wives.
texasluva 8 days ago
Please all I need is more ammo LOL. Mullah can be the end all that's for sure. The things in religions against women just has to end. This is the 21st century. Yet there are some that will put women behind bars if they do not cover their faces accordingly. Or go to a school of learning other then about THAT religion. I still remember the Pakistani who was beat half to death over things like that. I believe she moved to England. They've also had their rows vs each other. Oh wait ones are Protestants and others Catholics and what bloody battles they've had through the ages. I just don't get all of this. I was brought up to know the differences between right and wrong by my parents. I never knew racism until I was like a teen. Then an eye opener.
tinkparker 21 days ago
The howling man always creeped me out
texasluva tinkparker 8 days ago
Yep he let the Devil out to do his devilish deeds against the rest of Humanity. Not good.
AnnieM 22 days ago
While I chose 'The Hitchhiker', I'm surprised that 'To Serve Man' isn't on this list for the ending alone.
texasluva AnnieM 8 days ago
Yes the ending was quite shocking. They were fattening him up for their H Bone Steaks. Always read that book and if it's a cookbook for a menu, wise up.
mitchvman 22 days ago
What defines creepy? One of The best TZ and the creepiest, in terms of reevaluating what we perceive our realities to be is , “In search of an exit”
texasluva mitchvman 8 days ago
Five Characters in Search of an Exit was really good. One of my favorites.
RoDee1363 23 days ago
I chose "It's a Good Life" but my all time creepiest is "Queen of the Nile".
RobertK 23 days ago
I chose "Nightmare at 20,000 feet". That creepy ape thing with the big lips scared the "Shatner" out of me when I was a kid! 😬😕😨
cperrynaples 24 days ago
None of these answers are correct! The right answer is Queen Of The Nile! As far as Twenty Two goes, it claims the prize for WORST episode IMHO!
texasluva cperrynaples 23 days ago
All episodes selected by others are in the Eye Of The Beholder. They are all rated at IMDb which is an overall rating of those voting. Yours though not bad is probably mid-pack but a favorite for you. It's all just what floats ones boat. I have 10-15 favorites and hard to select which one is best since they are all great. Below you will find them all with ratings of each. BTW beware, The Monsters are Due on MeTV Street.

Crisco 24 days ago
For me the New Exibit. Didn't see it coming to where man ends up in a cage like at the zoo.
cperrynaples Crisco 24 days ago
No that's People Are Alike All Over! The New Exhibit is where Martin Balsam becomes a serial killer!PS If you can't spell the title,don't pick it! As the old saying goes,Better to be silent and look stupid then speak and prove it...LOL!
Tresix 25 days ago
I chose “The Howling Man”, which is currently at 11%. That makes me 20% similar.
Moonpie 26 days ago
The New Exhibit!
cperrynaples Moonpie 24 days ago
At least YOU know how to spell...LOL!
sagafrat69 26 days ago
I voted for "Living Doll" but after careful consideration would like to change my vote to "The Hitch-Hiker". The best episodes are the ones with a little twist at the end that maybe you didn't see coming. Very tragic end with Inger Steven's suicide in the early 70's. Avery talented actress who had so much more to give.
Snickers 26 days ago
100% Similar. Picked "The Living Doll" but my favorite is "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet".
Bone1969 26 days ago
Night Call. 20% similar.
cperrynaples Bone1969 24 days ago
Fun Fact: It was supposed to run on November 22nd,1963 but canceled for reasons obvious to anyone my age!
frances3agape Bone1969 7 days ago
Thought it was too SAD to be scary
Ajax 26 days ago
The Hitch - Hiker. 15%
cperrynaples Ajax 24 days ago
NO HYPHEN! Spelling it that way looks stupid, which is why these guys chose it...LOL!
ironman2000 26 days ago
I picked "It's a Good Life". 20% similar.
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