What would you have watched on TV in 1977?

There were three networks. You pick something to watch on one of them.

We love the television of the 1970s. Forty years ago, some of our favorite shows were on the air — and some of them were just kicking off, like CHiPs.

However, 1977 was the era before DVRS and cable. There were three networks, and you were probably going to watch one of them. VHS recorders had just come out, but let's pretend we have not yet purchased one of the expensive machines.

No, these are the options coming through your antenna and you're going to watch one of them. Touch that dial and select your pick from these competing shows from the fall '77 lineup!

Let's see how your channel surfing stacks up against everyone else.
  1. It's the weekend! But TV's so good we're staying in. What are you watching on Friday at 8:30PM?
  2. How about on Saturday at 10PM?
  3. Time to kick back after a day of work. What's on your TV on Thursday at 8PM?
  4. What will you watch before the news on Tuesday at 10PM?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  5. It's family night. What's on the tube on Sunday at 8PM?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  6. Who needs a nightlife with options like this on Saturday at 8PM?
  7. You just got home from school. What are you watching on a weekday at 4PM?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  8. You are home sick from school. What's are you watching at 11am?
  9. Finally, it's the weekend. You just woke up and poured a bowl of cereal. Pick a cartoon to watch at 8AM.
    Image: Hanna-Barbera
What would you have watched on TV in 1977?

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