What kind of TV viewer are you?

There are couch potatoes, channel surfers, binge-watchers and more, but where do you fit in the lineup of longtime TV fans?

Are you the kind of TV fanatic who finds a favorite show and watches it until the screen goes dark each night? Or maybe you change channels every so often out of sheer fear of missing out on what's on another station —even when you like what's on right now? 

We've been there, either way, and we think we can tell you apart from other TV viewers based on your answers to the quiz below.

So are you obsessed with reruns or just a casual viewer? A series fanatic or a coach potato? Let's find out!
  1. How many hours of TV do you watch each WEEK?
  2. Do you have a favorite TV show? Pick the answer that most closely matches yours.
  3. When do you usually watch TV?
  4. Pick a snack you'd like while watching TV:
  5. Which remote looks most like yours?
  6. What's your favorite Betty White role?
  7. When you're not watching TV, what do you like to read?
  8. Who do you like to watch TV with?
  9. Pick the TV guide the most appeals to you:
  10. Where do you like to sit when you watch TV?

What kind of TV viewer are you?

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Jada 10 months ago
They got it right. I'm definitely a binge-watcher.
BrianMoore 10 months ago
I got Reruns on Repeat

“Again! Again!” That’s the joyful spirit you embody as you re-watch the same episodes of the same shows and hardly ever stray from the classic shows you love. It not only makes you an extremely devoted fan, it can also often make you an absolute authority when it comes to your favorite shows.
Dan 23 months ago
My favorite Betty White role was playing herself on Match Game.
ndebrabant 23 months ago
You got Couch potato
Once you hit the couch, you know where you’ll be for the next few hours – glued to the TV, and taking in whatever happens to be on. It’s not that you aren’t picky, it’s more that you’ve seen it all, so whatever’s on is just fine for now.
Runeshaper 27 months ago
You got Channel surfer
Unlike the case you’ll find in some living rooms, you always know where your clicker is. In fact, you’re like a cowboy with the quick-draw, and as you madly skip through channels, you can tell if you like a show or not in a flash. Some may think you’re fidgety, but we know you’re just prioritizing – always surfing for the next best show.

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