What did these '60s sci-fi characters do for a living?

You gotta pay the bills somehow, even if you're on the run from aliens.

They explored outer space and the bottom of the oceans. They battled and befriended aliens. But they had to put bread on the table somehow.

We gathered some of our favorite characters from 1960s sci-fi television shows. See if you can remember their professions on the show.

If you can get 8 out of 10 correct, well, your business card should read "Trivia Expert."

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  1. What did Bones McCoy do aboard the Enterprise?
  2. What was Jim West's job on 'The Wild, Wild West'?
  3. What did George Jetson do for a living on 'The Jetsons'?
    Image: Warner Bros.
  4. On 'Lost in Space,' what was the profession of John Robinson?
  5. Harriman Nelson did what on 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea'?
  6. What did Tim O'Hara do to pay the bill on 'My Favorite Martian'?
    Image: Telepictures Corporation
  7. What was the profession of David Vincent on 'The Invaders'?
  8. In the unforgettable 'Twilight Zone' episode "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet," Robert Wilson does what for a living, according to Rod Serling's opening narration?
  9. On 'The Time Tunnel,' what was Ann MacGregor's profession?
  10. Betty Hamilton had this job aboard the Spindrift on 'Land of the Giants.'

What did these '60s sci-fi characters do for a living?

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BubbaPacha77511 4 months ago
8/10..... missed the jetsons and the invaders questions. Hate the jetsons and not sure ive ever seen the invaders
Tresix 4 months ago
8/10, missed the "Jetsons" and "Land of the Giants" questions. I put down "Accountant" for George. I haven't seen "LOTG" since it went off the air in the Seventies. Was the Spindrift just like an airliner? I thought it was some sort of scientific ship like on "Lost in Space".
Lantern 4 months ago
The Invaders? Don't remember that one.
TomTerrrific 4 months ago
Admiral Nelson was also a marine biologist, and an engineer, since he designed the Seaview.
Barry22 4 months ago
9/10, did not know what George Jetson did. But whatever he did, he did it badly because Mr.Spacely was always yelling at him.
Moonpie 4 months ago
Could this mean the Invaders will be coming to METV!!!! Hope so...Great show!!!!!
cperrynaples Moonpie 4 months ago
Perhaps...it would be perfect for Sci-Fi Saturday!
Moonpie cperrynaples 4 months ago
Excellent idea!!!!! METV I hope are you are reading these.
cperrynaples 4 months ago
7/10! A few of these were tricky! 1 was obvious because Bones kept telling everyone what he wasn't! I knew 3 didn't work in a quarry [that was Fred Flintstone] but I couldn't decide between the other 2. I never saw 7, and even though I know every TZ I got 8 only because the other answers were so wrong for that episode. I should have gotten 10 based on '60's sexism, but perhaps I was confusing Betty with Uhura! Not physically of course Stephanie...LOL!!
Did you say what you said to me, because I called you out on the fact that you didn't know the difference between Velma and Daphne? You failed to notice what they were wearing, or something like that?
With regards to George Jetson: after seeing the choices, I was surprised they didn't put in the competition: Cogswell Cogs. They could've had as the choice: "Cogswell Cogs Accountant." Oh well....!
That was a callback to Diff'rent Strokes , not Scooby Doo! Remember when I mixed up Wally and Willis? I knew that Mr. Spacely was George's boss and Cogswell was Spacely's rival, I only remember George sleeping at his desk at the end of the opening!
JeffTanner 4 months ago
You got 10 out of 10 ------------------Well, done! You basically have a doctorate in classic television!
teire 4 months ago
7/10. Missed Twilight Zone of course, always too freaked out to pay attention to details.
scp 4 months ago
9 out of 10; messed up George Jetson, of all things.
cperrynaples scp 4 months ago
Yes, 2 of those answers made sense, and of course the other was Fred Flintstone!
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