We can guess your favorite Beatle based on your classic television opinions

If we get it wrong, you get bragging rights. It's a win-win!


Choosing a favorite Beatle is like choosing a favorite child; you'll lie and tell everyone you love them all equally, but secretly you've totally got a favorite. The good news is that technology has advanced so far that if you answer a few simple questions about your favorite television shows, we'll be able to tell who your favorite Beatle is. If we can't, feel free to see yourself over to the comment section and let us know who you're REAL favorite is!

  1. Choose a variety show.
  2. Choose your favorite classic television crime fighter.
  3. Who was your favorite musical artist appearance on a television series?
  4. Choose your favorite M*A*S*H character.
  5. You can bring back one cancelled series for an opportunity to get a proper finale. Which show are you choosing?
  6. Choose your favorite television theme song.
  7. Which character do you think you could win an argument against.
  8. Name a show that deserves a reboot today.
  9. Name a character you never liked.
  10. Who's the best animated animal?

We can guess your favorite Beatle based on your classic television opinions

Your Result...

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CLASSICTVGUY 3 months ago
They got it right. It is Paul McCartney.
grandpa5741 4 months ago
Regardless I’m a Ringo Fan. 🥁👍
Spaceseed 4 months ago
Firefly deserved more seasons and a reboot.
Tbrew001 4 months ago
John Lennon is my favorite Beatle. They nailed it!!!!
bukhrn 4 months ago
My answer to #5 wasn't on the list, Get Smart
Jasmine23 4 months ago
I was 9 when the Beatles broke up, so I didn't really hear the Beatles songs until years later on oldies staions like METVFM, so I mainly knew their individual work. Paul was my favorite former Beatle, and is my favorite Beatle now. The quiz agreed with me!
mpr4christ1980 4 months ago
They said George Harrison. I prefer Paul McCartney.
Fred_Clampett 4 months ago
They guessed George Harrison. His solo career is probably my favorite of them all.
Cougar90 4 months ago
John Lennon? No way. Ringo Starr.
RobertK 4 months ago
Paul McCartney. I kinda figured I'd get him. It's a toss up for me between Paul and George. I grew up with a teenage sister who, to this day, 60 years later, idolized Sir Paul!
Gossemer 4 months ago
Whoa! Ringo Star, spot on. He was in fact my fav of the fab four. Say that 5x fast!. Now if you'll excuse me I have to be " in an octopus's garden in the shade".
Lillyrose 4 months ago
The quiz said that my favorite Beatle is Paul McCartney. That's right! He's the best singer in the group. I really like Paul McCartney's song "Penny Lane." He does such a great job singing that song. The song is so cute and cheery!
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