We bet we can tell where you grew up based on these questions

What part of the USA did you call home?

If you answer these 10 questions, we bet we can determine where in the United States you grew up.

Did you drink Cheerwine soda or Faygo pop? How about stopping to eat at Whataburger or Culver's? 

The things that defined your childhood might help us determine which part of the country you call home. 
  1. What was your favorite soft drink growing up?
  2. Wait, do you call it soda, pop or Coke?
  3. Choose a TV show:
  4. When you went outside to play, what did you lace up?
  5. What's the best fast food chain out there?
  6. What is the best city in the country?
  7. Which character from 'Gilligan's Island' do you strongly identify with?
  8. How cold is cold?
  9. How hot is hot?
  10. What department store would your mom take you to?
We bet we can tell where you grew up based on these questions

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