Was this the title of a game show or a pinball machine in the 1970s?

Try not to tilt!

Lower image: The Everett Collection

Pinball had its heyday in the Seventies. You can thank The Who for a lot of that, considering their 1969 rock opera and 1975 film Tommy had teenagers singing, "Sure plays a mean pinball!" 

Meanwhile, game shows were having a major resurgence. There were dozens of game shows in daytime, primetime and syndication.

Looking back, the titles of these pinball machines and game shows start to sound alike. At least, we thought so. See if you can tell them apart!
  1. The Wizard of Odds?
  2. Three on a Match?
  3. Capt. Fantastic?
  4. Mata Hari?
  5. Flip-A-Card?
  6. Blankety Blanks?
  7. Snow Derby?
  8. Sports Challenge?
  9. Now You See It?
  10. Jumping Jack?
  11. Jacks Open?
  12. High Rollers?
  13. Gambit?
  14. Quick Draw?
  15. Golden Arrow?
  16. Shoot for the Stars

Was this the title of a game show or a pinball machine in the 1970s?

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bnichols23 24 months ago
15, no sweat. Screwed the pooch on #11.
EllisClevenger 46 months ago
You got 14 out of 16
You're a real pinball wizard!
Missed #4 and #14
idkwut2use 56 months ago
Didn't do too well since I wasn't born 'til '87, but that was a good concept. I do love both pinball and game shows. In fact, my calendar this year is vintage pinball machines, so I recognized all the names from it. xD
Barry22 61 months ago
11/16, don't really like game shows, but do love pinball machines.
JeffTanner 61 months ago
''You got 13 out 16'' --------------You're a real pinball wizard! Got #s 4, 11 & 14 wrong.
cperrynaples 61 months ago
16/16! How could you ignore The Magnificent Marble Machine, a game show with a giant pinball game?
Easy! The title alone, would give away the answer. And we are always on METV's case for making the questions too easy. They may have thought about using that, but chose not to, because it would have been to easy for most. I know I'm probably wrong, just my opinion.
Actually, I would have seen it as a trick question! Understand that it was a game show where the bonus game was played on a giant pinball machine!
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