Can you beat Collector's Call host Lisa Whelchel at pop culture trivia?

She got 8/12. What will you score?

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Can you beat Collector’s Call host Lisa Whelchel at trivia?
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Psst! Don't watch the video just yet! It gives away the answers. Take the quiz then check the video to see how Lisa did!

Lisa Whelchel is not just a television star and host of MeTV's Collector's Call. She also happens to a big fan of games and trivia. 

So, we decided to put Lisa to the test. We gathered pop culture questions about the Beatles, James Bond, I Love Lucy, Elton John, Elvis, Lego and more — all of which happen to be themes of collections in this season of Collector's Call.

If you watch Collector's Call, you will learn all of these facts. But even if you host the show, it can be tricky!

Let's see if you can beat Lisa! Watch the video above to see how she scored!

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  1. Which of the following did not play Catwoman on the 1966 'Batman' TV show?
  2. Elvis Presley was born in which state?
  3. Which NBA team did Michael Jordan NOT play for?
  4. The brand name Lego is derived from the phrase "play well" in which language?
  5. Elton John's birth name is…"
  6. Which actor took over the role of James Bond from Sean Connery with the 1969 movie 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service.'
  7. When 'I Love Lucy' premiered in 1951, how old was Lucille Ball?
  8. The 1977 blockbuster 'Star Wars' may be the first Star Wars movie, but which "episode" is it in the saga?
  9. What is the name of the red ghost in Pac-Man?
  10. What is the official name of the "Monopoly Man" mascot from the Monopoly board game?
  11. Before they became the Beatles, John, Paul and George played in a group called…?
  12. Beginning in 1958, the Schwinn bicycle company was a sponsor of this popular children's television show.

Can you beat Collector's Call host Lisa Whelchel at pop culture trivia?

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