The ultimate Brady Bunch ''this or that'' quiz

We want to know who your favorite Brady is!


It's time to share with the world your tightly-held Brady Bunch opinions. Because here's the thing — Brady opinions are like belly buttons. Everybody's got one. 

So let's get to it with a no-holds-barred Brady belief slamfest. Don't hold back; let fly those deep-rooted opinions about Carol and Co.

And why stop there? Be sure to share your favorite Brady moments and memories in the comment section below. 

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  1. Choose your Brady.
  2. How do you prefer your Alice?
  3. Cousin Oliver... Yay or nay?
  4. What's your favorite Brady vacation destination?
  5. Who is Tiger to you?
  6. Do you have a favorite Brady season?
  7. Choose your favorite spin-off
  8. Which is your favorite sequel movie?
  9. Favorite film adaptation?
  10. which actor had the best fashion sense?

The ultimate Brady Bunch ''this or that'' quiz

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KirwoodDerby 8 months ago
When I was ten I thought the Brady Bunch was the greatest show on tv. When I turned thirteen in 1973, I had already figured out how bad this show had become. It seems the older Sherwood Schwartz got , the worse his taste in what was good had completely diminished.
jvf 8 months ago
In question #10, Christopher's last name is misspelled. It should be Knight, not Night. Gee whiz!
Moverfan jvf 8 months ago
I was gonna say...then I wondered if they'd changed actors and nobody noticed...
bradyguy Moverfan 7 months ago
Dang. "Fake" Peter??? When did THAT happen??
ERROL 8 months ago
The ultimate Brady Bunch ''this or that'' quiz
70% similar
Geronimo 8 months ago
The ultimate Brady Bunch ''this or that'' quiz
51% similar
51% similar to the most popular responses
Lillyrose 8 months ago
80% similar. My favorite Brady Bunch season is definitely season 5. So many great and funny episodes: Getting Greg's Goat, The Cincinnatti Kids (my favorite episode; it's so sweet), Marcia Gets Creamed, Two Petes in a Pod, etc. I also like many shows in season 4: Goodbye Alice Hello, The Subject Was Noses, How to Succeed in Business, A Room at the Top. But Season 4 can't be my favorite season because I hate the Hawaii episodes. I'm terrified of spiders.
Tresix 8 months ago
46% similar. Hey, where are Danny Trejo and Steve Bucemi?
frenchman71 8 months ago
80% similar. My favorite was Jan because she got super hot the last 2 seasons. And Peter would be cool to hang with.
grandpa5741 8 months ago
I’m still in love with Marcia, Marcia, Marcia 😍
FLETCH 8 months ago
19611313 8 months ago
0% I could not stand The Brady Bunch show.
AlbertHanson 8 months ago
Question #9 has Christopher Knight's last name misspelled.
KaterTot 8 months ago
What 12% of y'all are picking yea to Cousin Oliver??
grandpa5741 KaterTot 8 months ago
Not me, what a goofy kid.
frenchman71 grandpa5741 8 months ago
They shoulda never brought his character into the show. And for years everyone busted his chops on looking like a young John Denver.
Coolrain 8 months ago
84% similar to the most popular responses
My favorite episode, ummm Christmas from the first season
bradyguy Coolrain 7 months ago
The Voice of Christmas. Classic. And the only time the Bradys went to church...

Fun trivia - Outside of shows with a "religious" theme like "7th Heaven" or "Amen", the Simpsons have gone to church more than any family ever on television...
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