Tell us your soda opinions!

Aaaaaah, now that's a refreshing poll!


Nothing quenches one's thirst on a hot summer's day like a cold bottle of nostalgic soda. But... Here's the thing. Plenty of people have their own special soda preferences. They can't all be right, objectively! 

So here's what we need: We're going to prompt you with a few beverage-related multiple-choice questions. Your job is to select the answer that best pertains to you! Don't worry, there's no wrong or right answer. We just want to know what's true for you, so be sure to share your thoughts and your carbonated memories in the comments section below!

  1. Out of these regular colas, choose your favorite:
  2. How about a lemon-lime soda?
  3. Now choose an orange soda!
  4. Here's where things will get contentious. Choose a root beer.
  5. And now some miscellaneous choices.
  6. How do you prefer your soda?
  7. Which of these extra features is most important to you in a soda?

Tell us your soda opinions!

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WGH 7 months ago
Mountain Dew is popular with construction workers because it has more caffeine than any other soda by far.

Also, why didn't they take the opportunity to ask what you call soda? Is it soda? Pop? Soda pop? Sodi pop?
Toddmick 7 months ago
I went ahead and chose no caffeine because out of all of them I would choose the no caffeine if any
kerrydarien 8 months ago
On question #7 they a need a space for *none of the above!!
DanSt 8 months ago
Back in the old days (late 70s, early 80s) all I would drink was Coke. Then came the "new" Coke, which was awful! So I switched to Pepsi, and when they did the "classic" Coke thing I gave it a try and it was still awful. Nowadays all I drink for cola is Pepsi with real sugar, it's the best! Real sugar Pepsi and vanilla ice cream is the best float I've ever had! #7 didn't matter to me at all.
KaterTot DanSt 8 months ago
Did you switch from the "new" Coke after they did that "Is this Coke or Pepsi" test in grocery stores? I heard about that whole thing and it is pretty interesting!
Hollie 8 months ago
first #7 needs to add a space to no change full flavor leave it alone .. and looks like #4 wasnt an issue at all but Frostie Root Beer needs to be added to that list
MikeyMello Hollie 8 months ago
I remember Frostie Root Beer growing up in Indiana..always ice cold out of the machine!
Geronimo 8 months ago
Tell us your soda opinions!
82% similar
82% similar to the most popular responses
Tommygunz 8 months ago
Coca Cola or Mountain Dew for me, I don’t know anyone that drinks Dr. Pepper, maybe it’s more popular down south?
KaterTot Tommygunz 8 months ago
Really? Dr. Pepper seems super popular. Tho I am from the South
seltaeb 8 months ago
I can't believe Mountain Dew scored so low. I would've thought it would be 50% or higher. Didn't see Nehi orange or Frosty Root Beer. Shasta used to have some good sodas.
Hollie seltaeb 8 months ago
i said same thing about frosty good root beer
KawiVulc 8 months ago
68%... had to imagine they were all still made with cane sugar. They're all actually nasty as long as they keep making them with high fructose corn syrup.
Hollie KawiVulc 8 months ago
you can tell when its taken out of any product the product doesnt taste the same , i have stopped buying things that have changed and now taste like ...leave it alone if you dont want to drink something with that product dont buy it its why i dont eat mcdonalds fries any more they changed the oil havent ate in years btw im 6' 175
ElwooodBlues 8 months ago
Barq’s Red Crème Soda hard to beat!
mikesap1230 8 months ago
I dont know how anyone can drink diet anything. Zero sugar is the way to go. Tastes almost like the original.
Toddmick mikesap1230 7 months ago
Not to me! I tried zero sugar drink once and it was like natasha Richardson in Parent Trap "I think I just drank tar"
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