What band do YOU want playing at your New Year's party?

Who's rockin' your party?


It's New Year's Eve. You have been given an unlimited budget (and the ability to resurrect dead band members). Your job? Create the best party in history.

So, tell us, which band would you want playing for your ultimate bash on the last day of the year?

Who's Auld Lang Singin' their hits to ring in the New Year? We've selected some choice picks, but obviously, not everybody could be included (we'd be here all day). So, if your pick isn't listed, just click 'Other', and then tell us who you'd want in the comments section below!

  1. Who's playing at your NYE party?

What band do YOU want playing at your New Year's party?

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AnnieM 4 months ago
Once I saw the Beatles, I didn't even read the rest of the list after that.
jwolf7772 6 months ago
There were some good contenders, Some I’ve even seen before &/or would LOVE to see/see again. BUT; It’d HAVE To Be MY LOVIES- The KINKS!!.. Hands Down!
eyegor 6 months ago
I chose "other", and none other than the Grateful Dead. They always had great New Year's Eve concerts.
JHP 6 months ago
this quiz was as difficult as hugging my ex at my mom's funeral - I picked the Doobies

could have been The Who if they brought all the passed members back

but so many other choices - a better question could have been the band you didnt want
Gayleistoons 6 months ago
Are you serious, just list all the groups those groups copied...
CrumblyCrunchies 6 months ago
[image=https://weigel-comments.s3.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/XT8Wg-1704587161-Johnny Winter (4).png]
AlanRockman 6 months ago
Humble Pie, of course( But you'd need to bring Steve Marriott and Greg Ridley back to life).

George58 6 months ago
Lots of great bands to choose from. Hard to pick just one. But I picked one of my favorites, Black Sabbath.
grandpa5741 6 months ago
Ok how about Bob Seger, ELO, Elton John, Rod Stewart or Buddy Holly or Chuck Berry? You can play with my Ding a Ling 😎
grandpa5741 6 months ago
I have seen 12 of these bands, pretty much all awesome shows especially U2 at the Sphere in Vegas. 🎸🇺🇸👍😎
JHP grandpa5741 6 months ago
saw and heard the who at alpine valley - maybe '88
19611313 6 months ago
No band wanted. I would use Spotify and just play what I wanted.
Jacki 6 months ago
Other- ELVIS!
grandpa5741 Jacki 6 months ago
Excellent Choice, Elvis was awesome
JasonParmeter 6 months ago
Other…..New Kids On The Block!!! 🎉😊
ttenchantr 6 months ago
It's New Year's Eve, so there's only one choice: Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians!
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