Tell us about your childhood collection!

Answer these fun questions to see who shares your memories!


Were you lucky enough to have a collection when you were a kid? Whether it was a simple fondness or an absolute obsession, we want to know what you collected as a child! Why? Because it's fun to share these memories!

So, from the following list, please pick which one best describes your childhood collection. We want to hear from YOU, especially if your collection isn't listed here. If you choose "Other," please let us know what you collected in the comments section below! You might luck out and start a club!

  1. What did you collect when you were a kid?
  2. Do you still have anything from your collection?
  3. If you could do it again, would you change anything?
  4. What's worth more?

Tell us about your childhood collection!

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JasonParmeter 7 months ago
I collected a Wide range of things then…and still do !!!
igaveyoumyfakename 7 months ago
I'm proud to say I'm 0% similar to the rest of you. LoL.
texasluva 7 months ago
Stamps, coins, baseball and other sports cards, marbles. 75% similar to the most popular responses-
IndianaRockz 7 months ago
I loved collecting/trading stickers & all kinds of colorful notecards, stationery & pens/markers; anything Hello Kitty; I had a very small coin collection in a very small cigar box; & any kind of art(s)/craft(s) kits like paints, beads, latch hook, drawing, calligraphy, trying to crochet homemade haute couture Barbie fashions.
Remember those potholder maker kits with the square loom & millions of stretchy loops to weave on it? How I loved that thing!
JimmyAngel 7 months ago
Baseball cards and comic books
grandpa5741 7 months ago
Hot Wheels and Mad Magazine plus their paperbacks. To this day I’m a car guy and very humorous too. 👍🇺🇸
Crisco 7 months ago
I also had a Tonka Toy collection and a collection of autographed pictures from the little Rascals that I used to write.
Crisco 7 months ago
Mainly collected Hot Wheels because my cousin worked for Mattel in LA.she would bring us the new cuts.also Rainbow stickers I collected because the factory was 10 blocks away and I dug in there trash cans.(Gas Grass or Ass no one rides for free)😁
BorisK 7 months ago
I've still got my Aurora monster models from the 60s. All of them, Frankenstein, Wolf Man, Dracula, Hunchback, Mummy, Creature, Dr. Jekyll ... all of em.
Crisco BorisK 7 months ago
Were those the ones I would see for sale in the old comic books?
WilliamJorns 7 months ago
I had quite a few Hot Wheels cars by the early to mid-70's. Then I put them aside and forgot them. When my nephew was a little boy, my mother gave him my Hot Wheels collection to choose from and play with, as well as those from my other brothers' collections. I found my tire-shaped Hot Wheels case in our basement a few years ago, and looked inside. He took all the best cars, including a silver Mustang "Boss Hoss" I got when I joined the Hot Wheels Club in 1971, and left behind all the cruddy ones. Now when I go to the grocery store, I poke through the Hot Wheels bin to see what they're selling. And if I find one that interests me, I'll buy it! Of course, I collect all sorts of die-cast cars - from the Hot Wheels and Matchbox-sized cars all the way up to the big 1/18 scale models with doors & hoods that open. So the new Hot Wheels I buy are just part of my total collection.
grandpa5741 WilliamJorns 7 months ago
Me too buddy love Hot Wheels
CouchPotato987 7 months ago
I started out collecting Garbage Pail Kid cards back in the 80’s. Then I began collecting basketball 🏀 and Football 🏈 cards. I didn’t like baseball ⚾️ as much. I also remember collecting Marvel Comic cards in the early 90’s too. Getting those hologram cards sure were fun. 😊👍🏻
trogg888 7 months ago
I collected comics models and coins but comics i was serious about even put them in plastic bags.if i had them now id be wealthy.unfortunately my parents split up and i moved around so much there was no place to keep thousands of comics so i sold ones that would be worth a fortune now oh well
Bapa1 7 months ago
Collected sports cards, comic books, plastic models, books, Hot Wheels, Army men, etc.
Ratt1959 7 months ago
50% I don't remember collecting things as a kid. I had a bunch of stuff I played with. I do regret all the baseball and football cards I tore up by putting them on my bike spokes.
Runeshaper 7 months ago
55% similar with Action Figures for the sentimental value (-:
CaptainDunsel 7 months ago
30% similar.
I collected tv show cards, such as "Addams Family" and "The Man From U.N.C.L.E."
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