Quiz: Which Gilligan's Island castaway are you?

Oh no! A three-hour tour has turned into a three-year stay on a small unpopulated tropical island. Hopefully, you have some good friends along for the adventure — or at least someone who can turn a bunch of coconuts into a radio.

The Gilligan's Island cast of cast aways had all personality types, from the sweet Mary Anne to the nerdy Professor to the haughty Thurston Howell. So, which one are you? Answer these questions and find out.

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  1. Pick a number.
  2. What kind of dreams do you have when you sleep?
  3. Which Wizard of Oz character would you want to be for Halloween?
  4. Your sinking ship has five albums onboard. You can only carry one. What is your desert island disc?
  5. There's nothing on this island but coconut trees and bamboo. What are you making from that?
  6. What kind of pet would you own?
  7. How are you protecting yourself from the sun?
  8. What food would you miss the most?
  9. Tom Hanks turned a volleyball into his best friend when he was cast away. Who would be your buddy?
  10. Once you get off the island, where are you going to live?
Quiz: Which Gilligan's Island castaway are you?

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