Quiz: Which classic TV car should you drive?

No action hero is complete without an awesome automobile. From the Mod Squad's Challenger to Magnum's red Ferrari, cool cars have been a staple of cop shows. Heck, in the '80s, the cars were often a main character. 

Not up for high speed car chases? There have been sweet vehicles for pleasant cruises down the highway, too. Just about every car in the 1950s and 1960s was a beauty (especially Green Hornet's Black Beauty).

So which television car suits you? Take the quiz and find your automotive soul match.
  1. Pick a factory color from the 1959 Plymouth catalog.
  2. What classic auto feature do you miss the most?
  3. What is most important to you in a car?
  4. Your dream drive involves…
  5. Pick a cool American city.
  6. Let's say you're driving through St. Louis. Pick a radio station.
  7. Pick a Little Tree air freshener scent to hang on the rear-view mirror.
  8. Which country designs the prettiest cars?
  9. How many passengers do you have?
  10. Hey, where are you going?

Quiz: Which classic TV car should you drive?

Your Result...

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FloridaTopCat 12 months ago
I got Peter Gunn's 1959 Plymouth Fury
SusanTammy 28 months ago
"You're driving Peter Gunn's 1959 Plymouth Fury" - love it! I will take that any day.
Douglas 29 months ago
I am driving Peter Gunn's 1959 Plymouth Fury!
JoyeSmith 29 months ago
I get to drive the Sunbeam Tiger from Get Smart..rather have The Monkee Mobile but it’s kinda close.
Snickers 32 months ago
Cool, I get to drive the Batmobile. Atomic battery to power turbine to speed.
JERRY6 47 months ago
i'm driving the rocford , would rather have the mannix dart
Runeshaper 57 months ago
You're driving The A-Team van
Cue the theme song! The blacked-out windows, the dark interior, the red spoiler. You love your action, cruising with a lot of friends — and your privacy.

I Pity The Fool!
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