Quiz: How well do you remember ''Lucy Does a TV Commercial''?

Only true 'I Love Lucy' fans know all the details to this classic episode.

Lucy Ricardo was up to a lot of schemes in I Love Lucy, traveling the world and working many odd jobs for the sake of laughter. But nothing was funnier than the time Lucy sabotaged her husband's TV commercial and starred as the Vitameatavegamin girl. 

What ensued was one of the greatest moments of television history. Even TV Guide ranked "Lucy Does a TV Commercial" as the second greatest episode of all time. 

With so much recognition, you would think this episode would be easy to remember. But how well do you really know it? There's only one way to find out. Good luck! 

  1. What is the name of the man who calls Ricky?
  2. According to Fred, why is Ethel away for a couple of days?
  3. What brand of cigarettes is Lucy holding?
  4. What is the name of Lucy's fake TV show?
  5. Ricky tells Fred the commercial will be filmed at which address?
  6. What percentage alcohol is Vitameatavegamin?
  7. What name does Lucy give the director?
  8. How does the director tell Lucy to act?
  9. How does the commercial start out?
  10. What does Lucy say Vitameatavegamin tastes like?
  11. What's the first sign that Lucy is drunk?
  12. How are you supposed to take Vitameatavegamin?
  13. What is Lucy's response when anyone asks if she's okay?
  14. How many spoonfuls of Vitameatavegamin does Lucy take before she downs the whole bottle?
  15. How does Lucy ruin Ricky's television appearance?
  16. How does the episode end?

Quiz: How well do you remember ''Lucy Does a TV Commercial''?

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robyni23 30 months ago
You got 15 out of 16 correct
You nailed this quiz just like you would have nailed that Vitameatavegamin audition! You're a certified Lucy expert, no questions asked.
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