Can you name all these celebrity guest stars in The A-Team?

Wrestlers, football players and Eighties new wave singers all joined up with the ragtag soldiers of fortune.


Every episode of The A-Team is a wild ride. The classic Eighties series mixes fast-paced action with wacky humor and even romance. The guest stars who either helped or hurt Hannibal Smith and his ragtag group of mercenaries were just as varied. 

The show features famous athletes, soul singers, new wave artists, TV hosts and Sixties TV stars.

Here are ten celebrity guest stars who appeared in The A-Team. Can you name them all?

  1. Who is this wrestler?
  2. Who is the TV host on the right?
  3. Who are these two real-life football players?
  4. Can you name this singer?
  5. He has a famous father.
  6. Who is this Eighties singer?
  7. Do you recognize this Sixties TV star?
  8. This actor appeared in The A-Team right before his movie career took off.
  9. He is one of the most prolific character actors of all time.
  10. Like many of his roles, he was a bad guy in The A-Team.

Can you name all these celebrity guest stars in The A-Team?

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Aa098765 18 months ago
That was easy peasy. Tomorrow we start the hard stuff.
George57 23 months ago
I went 10 for 10 and guessed at James Hong. It was funny how I remember Kurtwood Smith, he was the narrator of the movie Starship Troopers that I just watched the other day. Television was our babysitter growing up and it would mesmerize us.🤭
DIGGER1 23 months ago
Can you name all these celebrity guest stars in The A-Team?
You got 10 out of 10
Boy (George), you did great!
I hate to brag, but I suppose that you can say that I'm pretty good with these "A-TEAM" quizzes as I am with the "M.A.S.H." quizzes or the "STAR TREK" quizzes, you dig? LOL!
George57 DIGGER1 23 months ago
I can dig it.👍
Stardoc 23 months ago
Whoo hoo, a perfect score. I normally miss one. But then, I knew all these guest stars on sight.
WGH 23 months ago
How did everyone know Barry Van Dyke but not know Kurtwood Smith?

That's 70 show, RoboCop, multiple Western, etc etc etc.

Barry Van Dyke... Not so much
Moverfan WGH 23 months ago
We've all watched Diagnosis: Murder, either first-run or in syndication--or both. (It's the only show where I've ever seen him on a regular basis, anyway.)
STTOS 24 months ago
You got 9 out of 10 Boy (George), you did great! - Missed number 10. I recognize the actor but don't know his name. Last second change from the correct answer to the wrong answer. Dagnabit!!
svenlogin 24 months ago
9/10 never knew that 70s show dad's name , even though he played a great bad guy in Robocop.
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