Pie Fight! Pick your favorite pie

Pick a pie, any pie!

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fourth of July... heck, pie's even perfect for Arbor Day. 

We defy you to find a day when pie isn't the greatest. But which pie is the greatest? That's for you to decide, reader! Choose between these pies-a-plenty, and only one pie shall stand victorious! 

If you choose 'Other,' pie law mandates that you're obligated to comment with your actual choice.

  1. Which pie is your favorite?

Pie Fight! Pick your favorite pie

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nerakr 12 days ago
Banana pudding is not a pie!
sixties1child nerakr 7 days ago
it is if you put it in a pie crust!
BradBeall 12 days ago
If you're anywhere near the Pittsburgh, PA area, you probably already know about the strawberry pie from "Eat-N-Park" restaurants. It's without question the best pie anywhere in the world!
hazy321 13 days ago
Blueberry........but actually my mom's Ricotta pineapple cheesecake. A lot of joyful hard work went into that cheesecake....a favorite holiday memory. No one even attempts to make now.
Lillyrose 14 days ago
0% similar. I picked blueberry, which is my favorite pie out of the pies listed. My favorite pie is chocolate.
bukhrn 14 days ago
I picked pumpkin, but my very favorite Is a variation of Pecan that my wife makes, Chocolate Bourbon Pecan.
Pacificsun 14 days ago
Since somebody else was making it, I picked Key Lime. A little harder to find. But when the recipe is good, very refreshing! Otherwise I like Pumpkin and Pecan because they make delicious leftovers.
Jacki 15 days ago
I like both apple and banana pudding.
LibraBaby0921 15 days ago
As much as I love good old American pie, for me it pales in comparison to blueberry, cherry, coconut cream, and peanut butter. I'll just have to set up a rotation I guess.
Artsynanna 15 days ago
hard to choose between pumpkin and apple. I picked Pumpkin.
Jeffrey 15 days ago
"70% similar" ----70% similar to the most popular responses." ----My first choice for this time of year is Pumpkin, then Cherry, Blueberry, Pecan, But Apple, Boston Creme, Rhubarb, Lemon Meringue, Key Lime & Banana Pudding, NO WAY!!
Charlotte 15 days ago
Coconut cream! I could eat a whole pie!
Beatseeker Charlotte 12 days ago
is this gilligan?
WGH 16 days ago
Apparently not many people have tried rhubarb pie. It's phenomenal.

I believe it's more of a southern thing but it is tasty
bukhrn WGH 14 days ago
Actually I believe it's more seasonal, when strawberries are fresh, Strawberry Rhubarb.
Coldnorth WGH 10 days ago
Rhubarb wine is wonderful too. I enjoy rhubarb desserts too
billygardener19 16 days ago
Nothing better than PEACH PIE (after which, Gooseberry)
Jeffrey billygardener19 15 days ago
Those two are not even on the list. Peach and GooseBerry. Yuck to both!!
Peach should be a cobbler with lots of sweet crust, top and bottom.
Never had peach pie. Sounds like it is very sweet
bre003 16 days ago
I love no sugar added Pecan Pie, getting harder to find now. And the ones that are available are to expensive to be bothered with.
Spaceseed bre003 15 days ago
Good pecans are necessary and they’re expensive.
dodgebob 16 days ago
WGH dodgebob 16 days ago
I just posted that I don't think many people have tried rhubarb pie. It is the bomb.
dodgebob WGH 15 days ago
Ya, sometimes the best food doesn't sound all that tasty, but the bomb explains everything.
JeanInTN 16 days ago
I was going to say apple, but then I saw Boston cream pie on the list! It's really a cake, but it's delicious! I'm surprised the percentage is so low. If you haven't tried it, you need to! Sometimes it's called Boston cream cake now.
Jeffrey JeanInTN 15 days ago
It's the custard filling I don't like! They even use it in donuts.
jaelinsmith40652 16 days ago
Pecan might the best

Every once year in my life all of those pies look delicious 😋
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