Pick: Would you eat these vintage pickle recipes?

This survey will put your taste buds in quite the pickle.

Sonic Drive-In's new Pickle Juice Snow Cone Slush would have felt right at home in the 1950s and 1960s. It was the era of savory Jell-O molds and "mayonnaise pears" — not to mention a peak time for drive-in culture.

But wait, let's back up. Yes, the Pickle Juice Snow Cone Slush is real. And, yes, it is exactly what it sounds like — a frozen slushy made with briny pickle juice. 

It brings to mind a classic episode of I Love Lucy in which a pregnant Lucy dipped a dill pickle into a milkshake. Sounds preferable to her other craving — a hot fudge sundae with pistachio ice cream and sardines.

That got us thinking about some vintage recipes we've come across — the kind that homemakers used to clip from the pages of Ladies' Home Journal. It sparked a debate in the office that we need you to settle.

Would you eat these foods featuring pickles as a key ingredient? 
  1. How about Judy Latham's Saucy Dilly Dugouts — essentially a minced hot dog salad stuffed inside a hollowed pickle?
  2. Or here's the inverse, Quick Barbecued Frankfurters, pickle-stuffed wieners in BBQ sauce.
  3. How about Alice Anderson's Pretty Pickle, a giant cheese tree pegged with various pickles?
  4. Speaking of trees, how about this Christmas Relish, made with cherries, cloves, lemon Jell-O and pickle juice?
  5. Pickled Meat Loaf?
  6. This Gondolier's Hero Sandwich?
  7. This Philly-Dill Scooper, made with cream cheese and pickle juice?
     Image: Philadelphia Cream Cheese
  8. Would you try some "Cling Peach Soufflé Salad," made with lime Jell-O, peaches, mayo and pickles?
     Image: Hellmann's
  9. Pickle-flavored candy canes?
     Image: Amazon
  10. Finally, we come to Sonic. Would you try a Pickle Juice Slush?
     Image: Sonic

Pick: Would you eat these vintage pickle recipes?

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itsGretchen 21 months ago
Back in the day, A&W had a beverage called Mad Dog, which was half root beer, half orange juice and 1 dill pickle slice. It's yum! 😋
ToddHuber 44 months ago
minced pickles, cream cheese, powdered Ranch dressing....glorious...just not in a cabbage head
DarioWiter 44 months ago
70% similar. 🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒 😁😁😁😁😁
idkwut2use 44 months ago
80% similar. Yes, I love pickles...and that tiny squeaky sound you get when you rub two of ‘em together...you know what I mean, Mr. Krabs? I even tricked my friend by replacing lemon-lime Gatorade with pickle juice. Still, I’d probably only try the last two...!
Rickey 59 months ago
20% similar
20% similar to the most popular responses!

Yes, I would try even the ones I said I wouldn't. I just love pickles!
LeeHarper 59 months ago
0% similar
0% similar to the most popular responses
EllisClevenger 63 months ago
90% similar
#8 Say it isn't so!
Somebody found a way to RUIN Hellmann's Mayonnaise.
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