Pick: Who had the best Saturday morning cartoons in the 1970s?

It's a battle of the toons, a clash of the networks, a blast from your past!


The 1970s. Man, what a time to be a kid! Or a kid at heart. It was a golden age for Saturday morning cartoons. Well, the word "cartoons" does not do the weekend programming justice. There were wild live-action shows from the Kroffts, space adventures, reruns, musical showcases and more.

We gathered some highlights from each year of the decade. This is not every show on, but give you a good idea of what the networks were airing.

Pick: What would you watch each year? And which year was the best?

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  1. 1970
  2. 1971
  3. 1972
  4. 1973
  5. 1974
  6. 1975
  7. 1976
  8. 1977
  9. 1978
  10. 1979
  11. Okay, looking back: What was the best year for Saturday morning cartoons in the Seventies?

Pick: Who had the best Saturday morning cartoons in the 1970s?

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GEMof72 14 months ago
I would have been changing the channel a lot. 😂😂😂
Randall 36 months ago
They never mentioned the cartoon version of GILLIGANS ISLAND loved that one as a kid!
ajt1977 36 months ago
Was george of the jungle? On tv? During the 70s? Can you put george of the jungle? On METV?
K ajt1977 27 months ago
George of the Jungle aired in 1967, but may have shown in reruns in 1970. All 17 "Swingin' episodes" are available in one DVD set. "All 17 shows are complete with episodes of Tom Slick, the coolest racecar driver this side of Frostbite Falls, and Super Chicken, who’s always there to save the day when fowl play’s afoot!"
moparpaul 36 months ago
After bugs bunny road runner hour was over it was a toss up the flintstones or pink panther but when loney tunes were taken off for good that when I stopped watching any cartoons. And now that there back on me tv I watch bugs bunny and the road runner every day i still love those old cartoons and missed them for along time hope there on me tv for a long time
Kelley1 37 months ago
The best years were any when there were Looney Tunes to watch. After that, Pink Panther. I'm afraid I was not that loyal to a single network. It kind of had to do with when the Froot Loops ran out. If I was done, and Looney Tunes was over, I'd watch Pink Panther. I was strangely attached to Pink Panther. I loved the music and the way out groovy psychedelic/cerebral comedy. I'm interested in music today because of things I heard then. I believe I had an early ability to tell reality from imagination because of Pink Panther's highly implausible yet fascinating adventures.
DanaMartin40 37 months ago
What we didn't know them, was that most of what we were watching was recycled. The Flintstones, Johnny Quest, The Jetsons. All prime time shows shifted to Saturday mornings. Some new bumpers tied classic Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies together for the various Bugs Bunny shows.

The difference between all of the other programs on then and those classics is they've stood the test of time, alongside Popeye and other classic theatrical cartoons that have become part of the culture.

Brannon67 37 months ago
I grew up in the 70s watching those cartoons and live action shows, especially all the Krofft stuff. I am 53, about to be 54, and I cherish those memories. My generation lived for Saturday mornings, because it was our time. Don’t forget School House Rock.
GeoffFord 37 months ago
93% similar What about Johnny Quest, The Herculoids
sadhwhite GeoffFord 37 months ago
Yes those two were great!
CharlesFeldman 37 months ago
Notice the quality of the cartoons goes way down year after year. I assume many of the people who voted weren't kids at the time these were actually on or some of the choices might have been way different. Thank you for not including "Devlin," "These Are The Days," "The Houndcats," "The Barkleys," "Will The Real Jerry Lewis Please Stand Up," "Bailey's Comets" and several lost (I hope) Filmation series. Wish you had included "The Saturday Superstar Movie," "Tomfoolery," "Here Comes The Grump," "Hot Wheels" (those racing cars were hot at the time) and "Around The World In 80 Days."
ThaddeusMcKeown 37 months ago
On Saturday Morning I Never Stay On One Channel I Had My Favorites So Picking Just One Channel To Watch And There Where Some I Didn't Like
Moverfan 37 months ago
Quizzes like this need a "make a list" feature. Then we can all compare what we were watching and criticize everybody who watched the stuff we thought was garbage.
pjones4023 38 months ago
To be fair, I never stayed on one channel, so my answers didn't jive with the majority a whole lot.
Snickers pjones4023 37 months ago
I was more a 60's cartoon fan.I remember sitting with my bowl of Quisp cereal watching Space Ghost, The Herculoids, Frankenstien Jr. and the Impossibles, Shazzan and Moby Dick and Mightor. I did however like the Star Trek animated series.
marmetv20 38 months ago
Difficult choices I loved so many of those cartoons!
Bret 38 months ago
All through the decade, I would have been channel the channel a lot.
Living in the Chicagoland area, we had all the networks plus a few excellent local channels.
AaronHandyIII 38 months ago
Remember tuning in to a LOT of CBS shows, beamed onto local New Orleanian TV sets via WWL-TV Channel 4! 😁

Andy 38 months ago
Rather difficult, as my sisters and I never stuck to one channel. We flipped around and watched the shows we preferred.
Snickers Andy 37 months ago
As did I.
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