Pick: Which sitcom had the best series finale?

Find out if your favorite can stack up to M*A*S*H!

M*A*S*H may still hold the record for the most-watched sitcom finale of all time, but that was then, and this is now. We've had a lot of time to think back on our favorite sitcom finales of all time to finally decide: Which series finale was supremely funniest?

Pick the sitcom below whose series finale meant the most to you, and see how many others share the same sense of humor with you!
  1. Which classic sitcom do you think had the best series finale?

Pick: Which sitcom had the best series finale?

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Thacket 1 month ago
Personally I think that Home Improvement was one of the best sitcoms ever, but MASH has the best finale.
Snickers 29 months ago
100% similar. Picked MASH even though I was never a fan.
Tim 32 months ago
All In The Family didn't have a finale. It just ended and Archie Bunker's Place was on the next week.
idkwut2use 43 months ago
First thought was Golden Girls. So emotional!! ;_;
DouglasMorris 43 months ago
I got: 100% similar! I chose Mash Finale.
Gary 43 months ago
Both MASH and Newhart had great finales, but in different ways. One touching and one humorous.
Amalthea 60 months ago
Not a single one can touch the hilarity, originality, and twisty-surprise of "Newhart"!
WyattJames Amalthea 60 months ago
I agree - I can still remember watching & almost yelling at the final scene: “Go to sleep, Emily. You know, uh, you really ought to wear more sweaters.”
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