Pick: Which of these similar TV shows do you prefer?


Sometimes, good things come in twos. Especially in Hollywood. If an idea works, you can bet it will be repeated. 

For every iconic television series, there is likely another one that is quite similar — from The Munsters and The Addams Family to Diff'rent Strokes and Webster

Which got us thinking — and debating — which one do you like more? We paired up some similar series. 

Take your pick and see how you compare to the rest.
  1. Which long-running Western do you prefer?
  2. Which family sitcom about boys growing up in the early 1960s do you prefer?
  3. Which lighthearted 1960s military sitcom do you prefer?
  4. Which colorful and quirky '60s show about people forever stranded do you prefer?
  5. Which nostalgic 1970s sitcom about the 1950s do you prefer?
  6. Which '60s sitcom about a guy married to a magical woman do you prefer?
     Image: Sony Pictures Television
  7. Which post-Star Wars, late-'70s space adventure do you prefer?
  8. Which upbeat take on a classic DC Comics superhero do you prefer?
  9. Which '60s espionage series with modern reboots do you prefer?
  10. Which assembled-for-television music band and show do you prefer?
     Right image: Sony Pictures Television
  11. Which workplace comedy about people working in a broadcasting station do you prefer?
  12. Which eerie, black-and-white anthology series do you prefer?
     Right image: United Artists
  13. Which tough, tweed-wearing '70s detective do you prefer?
  14. They even crossed over, but which late-'70s hour from the mind of Aaron Spelling do you prefer?
  15. Finally, which wildly popular 1960s sitcom about rural folk do you prefer?

Pick: Which of these similar TV shows do you prefer?

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Moriyah 25 months ago
40% similar! You know I definitely prefer Gomer Pyle over Hogan's Heroes, right?!
Snickers 31 months ago
66% similar. Would take The Outer Limits over Twilight Zone hands down.
WILD 33 months ago
53% similar
53% similar to the most popular responses

#14 - If I could have abstained I would have. The only saving grace about Charlie's Angels for me was Jaclyn Smith and Hate Jackson and the Cheryl Ladd.
Snickers WILD 31 months ago
I think you mean Kate Jackson
Rickey 56 months ago
53% similar
53% similar to the most popular responses
ndebrabant 56 months ago
80% similar
80% similar to the most popular responses
Runeshaper 57 months ago
73% similar
73% similar to the most popular responses
Joseph 62 months ago
46% similar. I'm not good at picking favorites. Most of these are tough choices. I picked Cannon over Mannix because I get tired of seeing Mannix get beaten up in just about every episode, even though he's supposed to be a karate expert.
Delmo Joseph 33 months ago
Yes but Mannix always gets the guy who beat him up.
SheriHeffner 63 months ago
60%similar, I prefer My Three Sons, The Partridge Family, I Dream Of Jeannie, Wonder Woman, Buck Rogers In The 25th Century, and for number 15, neither one, but I picked Andy Griffith.
Lacey 63 months ago
Wow, some of these were hard as I loved both of them.
Good "quiz."
SalIanni 63 months ago
Here's one that should have been there. The Partridge Family or The Brady Bunch. I pick the Partridges by a very slim margin.
Barry22 63 months ago
80%, never liked Happy Days or L&S.
Tresix 63 months ago
33% similar. I don't think I actually picked a popular show until around the fifth choice. Some of these (like the choice between "Charlie's Angels" and "The Love Boat") would have been "Neither" if that were an option.
Barry22 Tresix 63 months ago
MrsPhilHarris 63 months ago
Good grief 93%. Unusual for me to be so high. Some I would have said neither.
JeffTanner 63 months ago
73 % similar --------73% similar to the most popular responses.
anthony 63 months ago
66% similar. Wow "Outer Limits" got wooped by TZ.
Lucyneenah19701 63 months ago
40% similar. Actually, Leave it to Beaver started in 1957, and ended in 1963.
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