Pick: Which of these similar TV shows do you prefer?

Sometimes, good things come in twos. Especially in Hollywood. If an idea works, you can bet it will be repeated. 

For every iconic television series, there is likely another one that is quite similar — from The Munsters and The Addams Family to Diff'rent Strokes and Webster to 

Which got us thinking — and debating — which one do you like more? We paired up some similar series. 

Take your pick and see how you compare to the rest.
  1. Which long-running Western do you prefer?
  2. Which family sitcom about boys growing up in the early 1960s do you prefer?
  3. Which lighthearted 1960s military sitcom do you prefer?
  4. Which colorful and quirky '60s show about people forever stranded do you prefer?
  5. Which nostalgic 1970s sitcom about the 1950s do you prefer?
  6. Which '60s sitcom about a guy married to a magical woman do you prefer?
    Image: Sony Pictures Television
  7. Which post-Star Wars, late-'70s space adventure do you prefer?
  8. Which upbeat take on a classic DC Comics superhero do you prefer?
  9. Which '60s espionage series with modern reboots do you prefer?
  10. Which assembled-for-television music band and show do you prefer?
    Right image: Sony Pictures Television
  11. Which workplace comedy about people working in a broadcasting station do you prefer?
  12. Which eerie, black-and-white anthology series do you prefer?
    Right image: United Artists
  13. Which tough, tweed-wearing '70s detective do you prefer?
  14. They even crossed over, but which late-'70s hour from the mind of Aaron Spelling do you prefer?
  15. Finally, which wildly popular 1960s sitcom about rural folk do you prefer?
Pick: Which of these similar TV shows do you prefer?

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Joseph 3 months ago
46% similar. I'm not good at picking favorites. Most of these are tough choices. I picked Cannon over Mannix because I get tired of seeing Mannix get beaten up in just about every episode, even though he's supposed to be a karate expert.
SheriHeffner 3 months ago
60%similar, I prefer My Three Sons, The Partridge Family, I Dream Of Jeannie, Wonder Woman, Buck Rogers In The 25th Century, and for number 15, neither one, but I picked Andy Griffith.
Lacey 3 months ago
Wow, some of these were hard as I loved both of them.
Good "quiz."
SalIanni 3 months ago
Here's one that should have been there. The Partridge Family or The Brady Bunch. I pick the Partridges by a very slim margin.
Barry22 3 months ago
80%, never liked Happy Days or L&S.
Tresix 3 months ago
33% similar. I don't think I actually picked a popular show until around the fifth choice. Some of these (like the choice between "Charlie's Angels" and "The Love Boat") would have been "Neither" if that were an option.
Barry22 Tresix 3 months ago
MrsPhilHarris 3 months ago
Good grief 93%. Unusual for me to be so high. Some I would have said neither.
JeffTanner 3 months ago
73 % similar --------73% similar to the most popular responses.
anthony 3 months ago
66% similar. Wow "Outer Limits" got wooped by TZ.
Lucyneenah19701 3 months ago
40% similar. Actually, Leave it to Beaver started in 1957, and ended in 1963.
Pacificsun 3 months ago
Interesting quiz. Wish our comments about why the choices were made could've been included.
cperrynaples Pacificsun 3 months ago
That's what this board is for...LOL!!!
Kenson 3 months ago
60% I didn't expect to see how far off I was with Lost in Space and Cannon.
Bret Kenson 3 months ago
Ms, too.
teire 3 months ago
80 percent. Bonanza, Beaver, Bewitched, Man From Uncle, Mary Tyler Moore, Andy were my most definitive choices, the rest could go either way. I loved the anthology nature of Bonanza -- one week a funny Hoss episode, the next a literary Adam. Also loved that there were adaptations of classic western short stories and historic figures in the mix.
These comparisons are always fun.
AndrewHass 3 months ago
I was 73% similar.My picks were Bonanza, Leave It To Beaver, Hogan's Heroes, Gilligan's Island, Happy Days, Bewitched, Battlestar Gallactica, Batman, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Partridge Family, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Twilight Zone, Mannix, Charlie's Angels, and The Beverly Hillbillies.
ndebrabant 3 months ago

73% similar
73% similar to the most popular responses
gatorgirl 3 months ago
who in the world would pick Bonanza over GUNSMOKE?! Wow - Bonanza was way too liberal for me with very little action. Gunsmoke's writing was much much better!
cperrynaples 3 months ago
Well, you have to know my choices and why I made them! [1]Gunsmoke -more action! [2] Beaver-I was Jerry Mathers! [3] Hogan's Heroes-Those guys had fun! [4] Gilligan's Island-At least aliens wouldn't be a factor! [5] Happy Days- Lenny & Squiggy were funny, but Fonzie was cool! [6] Bewitched-Is it just me, or did Jeannie seem a bit stalker-ish? [7] Battlestar Galactica-Twiki was funny, but Buck was too vanilla! [8] Batman-Do you have to ask? [9] Man From Uncle- Ditto! [10] Partridge Family- Sorry cyberbuddy, but I was Danny's age! [11] WKRP-More fun! [12] Twilight Zone- OT always seem like a bad copy! [13] Cannon- I was a fat kid and still am! [14]Charlie's Angels -No contest! [15] Beverly Hillbillies- I'd rather spend time with Granny than Aunt Bee!
1. Bonanza {It's one of the few shows I remember the family watching.} 2. I don't recall seeing either of these shows as a kid, but I would have to pick MTS. Eddie Haskell was creepy. I know he was supposed to be, that was his character description, but there was just something about MTS that gives it the slight edge. Maybe it was Tramp that did it! 3. H.H. The Marines and the Army were duking it out for ratings on the same network! {CBS.}H.H.'s characters were better.
4. G.I. Wasn't there a G.I. episode where aliens made an appearance? Maybe not.
5. Looking back on both of these shows, I would have to choose L & S over HD. Because A. Women were the lead characters, and B. A lot more physical comedy on L & S than HD. I really like physical comedy, that's obviously why I like the Three Stooges!!
6.Bewitched. I don't know about Jeannie being "stalkerish," I say she was extremely jealous if anything. Tony couldn't blink/breathe without her becoming suspicious. I know the show lasted only 5 seasons, but the show's writers still could've conjured up more of Jeannie's family members than an occasional uncle or cousin. Even her own mother only appeared a couple of times. {Maybe the reason for the lack of family no shows, is because Barbara Eden had to play her mother and sister. So, that's who the writers chose to focus on.} Also, Sam's family was more colorful and varied. A father who is a Ham Shakespearean. She always seems to be on a trip: Cousin Serena, I mean and that great practical joker himself: Uncle Arthur! {He's my favorite.}
7. I never watched either one. But from what little I know of the show, and the photos I've seen, BG seemed to be a bit more like Star Trek. In that it was a bit more cerebral than BR. {No, BR doesn't stand for Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors! You did liken BR to vanilla! Hence the reason for mentioning ice cream.}
8. Batman {That's a no brainer!} 9. MI over MFU. It really is hard to pick a favorite, {as I like them both equally.} But if have to choose, MI. Because, to me, the plotlines were more complex and intricate than MFU'S. I think I say this, because every episode had Barney {and sometimes Willie would Barney out,} had set up something electrical, the other spies had to set up stuff as well. As I said I like them both equally, but MI is my choice. 11, You're right: WKRP!
12. TZ. I don't know if OL was a bad copy, as much as I think it was a TZ wanna be. Wait, that's the same thing as what you said, isn't it? OOPS! 13. It's a shame that no one over at CBS had the idea of doing a crossover episode with these two characters. I think it would have been a good one. I have seen all the episodes of both, {have them on dvd.} If I had to choose: Mannix. 14. CA. I'm afraid of the water.{That's why I didn't choose TLB.} 15. Absolutely! Daisy over Bee!
10. PF over TM. I always wanted to be a member of the family and travel around. I envisioned being on tour, and we find out that the Monkees are performing nearby, so us kids would go and catch the concert. I even had a couple of tambourines and a triangle, and I would perform along with the PF records!

A few comments and I promise to be as nice as I can! [2] Maybe Eddie was creepy, but I just had more in common with Beaver than the Douglas boys. [4] I kinda grasped at straws for my answer, but let me just say 2 things that will make my choice clear: [a] Mary Ann & Ginger better than the Robinson sisters. [b] We all know why Dr. Smith spent so much time with Will and why Robot always said "DANGER"...LOL!!! [6] Go back to Season 1 where Tony was engaged and then tell me Jeannie wasn't a stalker...LOL! [9] Mi was just too complicated to follow! [10] A shocker, based on your past posts! [13] Nice thought, except Mannix was Paramount and Cannon was QM! Yes, CBS owns both shows now, but not in the '70's!
PS Samantha's family was what made Bewitched the better show!
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