Pick: Which classic TV pet is your favorite?

Tramp or Tiger? Arnold or Ed?

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Who’s Your Favorite TV Pet?
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Some TV characters rise to stardom on four legs. Here, we've pitted classic TV pets against each other to see which TV pet is actually the most beloved in the zoo of critters that came onscreen.

Watch the video to remember each animal, then vote for your favorite below! Find out if your furry opinions agree with everybody else's!

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  1. Pick your favorite classic TV pet:

Pick: Which classic TV pet is your favorite?

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RB 20 months ago
I picked Lassie because when I was a very small child, our family had a collie, and Lassie makes me think of her.
Snickers 25 months ago
100% similar. Arnold was one big ham.
Mob39 35 months ago
100% similar

100% similar to the most popular responses
Runeshaper 51 months ago
30% similar
30% similar to the most popular responses

MichaelEasterwood 54 months ago
Higgins has always been said to be the most intellgent animal actor
Kenson 56 months ago
Choose Lassie but was looking for Fang (Agent K-13)
Runeshaper Kenson 51 months ago
Fang was GREAT!
TomTerrrific 56 months ago
Arnold, hands down. Most of these were just window dressing, but Arnold was actually a character!
LincolnTek 56 months ago
I picked Lassie but if The Littlest Hobo was on the list that would have been my pick.
SheriHeffner 56 months ago
Higgins from Petticoat Junction was and always will be my favorite, but I got 20% similar. But Tramp was a second close too.
Lucyneenah19701 56 months ago
0% similar. I picked Tiger. I have a cat named Tiger.
BrittReid 56 months ago
Gee Wilbur ..........
A horse is a horse, of course...Absolutley LOVED Mr. Ed!
DouglasMorris 56 months ago
I picked Mister Ed!
Fantastic choice, my thoughts exactly!
Corey 56 months ago
I picked Dog from Petticoat Junction. That was Benji. As for Basset hounds I pick Flash from The Dukes of Hazard. Where's Buck from MWC?
AndrewHass 56 months ago
Picked Columbo's dog as my favorite TV pet.
ETristanBooth 56 months ago
I have almost never watched Columbo, but I like bassets better than the other breeds listed here.
MrsPhilHarris 56 months ago
30% It was a toss up between Arnold Ziffel and Mr. Ed.
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