Pick: What's your favorite TV role from these classic TV actresses?

Choose between the leading ladies of TV.

Over time, we've had the double delight of watching some of our favorite TV actresses join casts on entirely different shows. Sometimes these shows would be decades apart. For others, they'd leap directly from one show to the next. Then there were those ambitious actresses who held down two roles at once. There's so much to admire, from the 1950s right up to today.

So to celebrate these dependably dramatic and tremendously funny female forces of the small screen, we're asking you to choose between their biggest defining roles.

Scroll through our favorite actresses from classic TV and see how many others agree with you on which characters truly were the leading ladies.
  1. Lucille Ball:
  2. Mary Tyler Moore:
    Image: Paul Brownstein Productions
  3. Bea Arthur:
    Image: Buena Vista Television/Sony Pictures Television
  4. Betty White:
    Image: Buena Vista Television
  5. Julia Louis-Dreyfus:
    Image: Sony Pictures Television/HBO
  6. Bea Benaderet:
    Image: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
  7. Sally Field:
    Image: Sony Pictures Television
  8. Cloris Leachman:
  9. Kim Fields:
    Image: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
  10. Sarah Jessica Parker:
    Image: Warner Bros. Television Distribution/HBO Enterprises
  11. Donna Reed:
    Image: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
  12. Kate Jackson:
    Image: Warner Bros. Television
  13. Rue McClanahan:
    Image: Buena Vista Television
  14. Susan Saint James:
    Image: NBCUniversal Television Distribution
  15. Doris Roberts:
    Image: CBS Television Distribution
  16. Claire Danes:
    Image: ABC/20th Television
  17. Lee Meriwether:
    Image: CBS Television Distribution
  18. Suzanne Somers:
    Image: The Program Exchange/Warner Bros. Television Distribution
  19. Heather Locklear:
    Image: CBS Television Distribution
  20. June Lockhart:
Pick: What's your favorite TV role from these classic TV actresses?

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